Burn Fat in 20 Minutes or Less With A Resistance Band Workout

Is your local gym closed due to COVID-19 – get a home workout in with resistance bands.

Put down those dumbbells. You don’t need them. Quit your gym membership. Pull out your resistance bands and set up in a comfortable area in your living space.

In a short twenty-minute home workout, you can burn fat, keep your body in shape, and target weight loss. All you need is the will and a set of resistance bands.

Why Resistance Bands Are Trending

Resistance bands have always been a very versatile workout tool. They have traditionally been ignored, however, in favor of dumbbells, barbells, and machines. In an era where gym memberships just aren’t as attractive anymore, a lot of fitness enthusiasts have turned to bands.

How resistance bands work is through putting continuous tension on the muscle being trained. Resistance bands force more muscle fibers to activate in exercise than they would using dumbbells. Resistance bands can also better mimic natural movements and strengthen muscles that are often neglected.

Your Resistance Band Workout to Burn Fat

Exercises should be performed in order 30 seconds at a time. No rest in-between. You will keep your heart rate up which is exactly what you want to burn fat.

Once done, rest for 60 seconds. Then, repeat. You want to run through these exercise four times. This takes only 20 minutes.

1. Overhead Press

overhead press resistance band

2. Lateral Raise

lateral raise with resistance band

3. Biceps Curl

Biceps Curl with resistance band

4. Band Pull-Apart

Band Pull-Apart with resistance band

5. Speed Skater

Speed Skater with resistance band

This is a high-intensity workout. It’s not going to build you big muscles. It’s going to firm, tone, strengthen, and increase efficiency.

In time, an approach like this will help you cut weight, eliminate unnecessary pounds, and keep you trim.

Why Do High-Intensity Resistance Bands Work

A circuit like this works from a PHA training theory, aka peripheral heart action (PHA).

This fitness theory argues alternating between upper-body and lower-body exercises challenge your heart and lungs and make them work harder, pumping more blood and upping your cardiovascular strength.

This exact approach has been shown to increase fat burning in the body. The muscular tension from resistance bands also requires more work from your muscles. This means more muscle tissue growth and better results.

Where to Buy Resistance Bands in Canada for Home Workouts

A fine place to start in your journey with losing weight is with the Lierre Resistance Tube Bands Set. Everything you need to transform your body is included in this home workout kit. Train anywhere, anytime.

Lierre Resistance Tube Bands Set


After a few weeks of resistance bands, you may not ever want to head back to the gym. It’s easier. It’s simple. It’s fast. No excuses. Get in a workout on your schedule – morning, day, or night. Check it out at Lierre.ca.

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