How Many Sets Of Linens Should I Buy For My Massage Table?

It’s a rookie mistake that a lot of first-time massage therapists and new massage therapy clinics make. They don’t end up buying enough supplies and are caught having to order more. For a massage table, once you have the type of table you want, the next step is to make sure it’s equipped with the sheets and linens you want.

A lot goes into buying linens for a massage table. The right fabric. The right colors. The right fit for your table. These are all things to consider when searching for linens. How many you have also matters. You don’t want to be running out of linens in the middle of your day or having to do an impromptu wash to have something fresh for your next client.

Here is our deep-dive into all things linens and massage tables.

Can I Use Any Type Of Linens For A Massage Table?

Although you can technically use any type of linen for a massage table, the ones that are made from cotton are always recommended. Cotton is a safe-to-use fabric which is great for sensitive skin. If you are looking for reliable cotton massage table sheet, Cotton Flannel Sheet Set 3 pcs for massage table from Lierre can be the best choice. These durable, breathable, and easy to clean sheets are double-napped for softness. Made from 100% cotton, you can provide your clients a luxury massage experience. 

Massage table sheets and linens are usually around 63” wide and 100” long, smaller than a traditional twin-size bedsheet. 

How Many Massage Table Linens Should I Buy?

It’s recommended to have at least a two-day supply of linens. No less. Think of how many massages you give on your average day and then double it. You may even prefer a three-day supply.

With a multi-day supply, you ensure you always have linens to pull from, shouldn’t run out during the day, and know well in advance when a wash needs to be done.

How Do You Clean Massage Table Linens?

You cannot reuse massage table linens until they have been put through a wash. Do not ever share linens between clients or reuse them without having washed them first.

How to launder massage table linens should be according to the manufacturer of the linens. Sometimes, you may not be able to do a load of laundry right away. When this happens, take your soiled sheets and store them in a tightly closed, opaque plastic bag to avoid stains from setting in. When you do this, clean within 24 hours.

No person wants to walk into a massage therapy clinic and find stained sheets on the massage table.

Will Massage Oil Ruin My Linens?

Massage table linens are not the same as bed linens. They are put together a little differently. Oils and lotions can stain. Putting them into the regular laundry won’t be enough to get rid of permanent stains. Degreaser must be used. It’s best to soak the sheets in dish soap or a citrus-based degreaser before putting them in the laundry. This should successfully remove the oil and lotions stains.


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