How To Choose BioOrigin Experience Massage Oil? (Part 2)

Welcome back! If you haven’t checked out Part 1 of our look into BioOrigin Experience massage oils, you may want to before jumping on Part 2 here. In this article, we look at a few products known for their hydrating and nourishing properties, and perfect for a wide array of massage techniques.

BioOrigin Natural Massage Oil Nut-Free

Some people are allergic to the nuts used in some massage oils and, for them, the nut-free BioOrigin Natural Massage Oil will be what you want to grab. It’s a rich oil, long-lasting in design, and a beautiful antioxidant emollient for Shiatsu and Californian massages. Paraben-free. Fragrance-free. Mineral oil-free. Alcohol-free. This is one of the most commonly used massage oils in the BioOrigin collection.

In the BioOrigin 100% natural massage oil, you have avocado oil, grapeseed oil, safflower oil, and vitamin E.

BioOrigin Fractionated Coconut Massage Oil

Here is the ultimate base oil for aromatherapy, ready to be combined with essential oils or oil infusions. That’s the BioOrigin Fractionated Coconut Massage Oil. The coconut oil will nourish, hydrate, and moisturize the skin. The oil itself is clear, non-greasy, and smooth. If you enjoy customizing your own massage oils, this oil is rich in antioxidants and a great starting point. It’s also got a great glide to it, sure to keep you and your client comfortable throughout the massage.

Any experienced massage therapist will love having a product like this in stock to tailor the massage to the client.

BioOrigin TheraPure Body Specific Massage Cream

You can’t go wrong with the BioOrigin TheraPure Body Specific Massage Cream. It’s non-greasy and non-clogging which is great for pores and easy to use along the back or any areas acne-prone. It’s also got an enduring glide to it that will make sure you don’t have to re-apply this massage cream as much as you would others. A little thicker than your average massage oil, it takes away any of the slippage you usually find with other massage supplies.

In this massage cream, you will find hydrating grapeseed oil, anti-inflammatory arnica, and smooth olive oil.

BioOrigin TheraPure Face Comfort Massage Cream 1L

Now here is an oil that’s meant for facial massages. It’s the BioOrigin TheraPure Face Comfort Massage Cream 1L. With a facial massage, this type of massage is going to need something specific in terms of a massage cream. It can’t be greasy. It can’t be pore-clogging. The Face Comfort Massage Cream is designed that way. It’s non-clogging, non-grease, gentle, and provides enduring gliding.

In the ingredients list to massage cream, you will find fractionated coconut oil, shea butter, and Neroli essential oil.


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