What You Need to Know About Face Toner

Toner is a skincare product that a lot of people are aware of but they may not necessarily understand how it works or whether toner is truly necessary to one’s daily skincare routine. Even people who use toner may not be totally aware of how toner works, what toner is, and how to use it.

For anyone curious about what facial toner is, this is the guide for you.

What Is Facial Toner?

A skin toner or facial toner refers to a product designed to act as a gentle cleanser and to shrink the appearance of pores on the skin over time. Aspects of a toner will cleanse, moisturize, and protect the skin.

This definition is so wide that, understandably, some may still be unclear on what exactly it is. Often, toner is clear and water-based, often infused with essential oils and different skin-soothing ingredients.

Please note that some mistake astringent for toner. They are not the same. Astringent contains alcohol. Astringent is meant for someone with oily skin but facial toner contains no alcohol and doesn’t work to strip the skin of anything like alcohol will. Alcohol can dry out the skin while toner won’t do that.

What Does Toner Do?

A toner is meant to refresh the skin without stripping it of its natural moisture. For example, Sukin's Hydrating Mist Toner. It’s a paraben and alcohol free cleanser, not designed to irritate sensitive skin or cause excessive dryness which can be common with some harsh cleansers.

A toner is used typically after you’ve washed your face but before you moisturize. It’s a sort of moisturizer preparation, in a way. After you wash your face, you could still have dirt, grim, or impurities that haven’t been fully washed away. A toner will remove those while improving the appearance of your skin and tightening pores.

For people who already use toner in their daily skincare routine, they end up seeing some significant benefits over time.

Why You Need Toner

There are a lot of reasons to use toner, if you still aren’t convinced. Over time, facial pores will shrink. Toner will restore a skin’s natural pH level. Any rough patches will be smoothed out and overall skin tone will improve.

If you have oily skin, acne, or wear makeup regularly, toner will help a ton at cleaning out dirty pores. You will absolutely love the effect after a month’s worth of use. Enjoy glowing, healthy-looking skin in a way that you may not have had before.

A little toner after your wash and before your moisturizer is all you need. How you use toner is simple. Soak a cotton ball with the toner and sweep it across your skin, following a wash or cleansing.


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