How To Care for Massage Table Sheets

Your massage table sheets require a wash after every use. After a certain amount of time, you discover there’s a right and efficient way to wash, clean, maintain, and store massage sheets. How to care for a massage table cover is a skill to be learned. It will help maintain a massage therapy practice and hopefully, save you time. The result will be a consistently professional, soothing, and clean environment for you to work in and for your clients.

How To Clean

Any massage therapist has to wash their massage table sheets fairly regularly. This is necessary to minimize the spread of bacteria and germs from client to client. A mild soapy water will cut through any oil remaining on the table cover as well as on the table.

All you have to do to wash massage table sheets is put them in the washer with some detergent like Dexidin 4 Detergent. It is a low sudsing antibacterial solution that can be used for disinfecting table sheets. If there are hard-to-remove stains or odors present, use the hottest water possible. Wash any massage table sheets like that as soon as possible. For any sheets badly stained, soak them in degreased and then launder them again. Some opt to add bleach into a wash which can penetrate a stubborn stain with ease.

Be sure to clean the table once a day and, after every use, clean the massage sheet.

How To Maintain

Be proactive in maintaining your massage table and its sheets. If there are hazards around the table, remove them. Ensure the table is working as it should. Look at the knobs, nuts, and bolts. Examine frames, braces, legs, and connections, and ensure there is no wobble. Check the condition of everything, verifying that it’s just the way it’s supposed to be.

If there are any stains on your massage table sheet, it goes without saying but absolutely do not use the sheet. The sheet needs a proper wash and the stain needs to be addressed. Pull out a fresh sheet instead.

How To Store 

Do not leave your massage table uncovered and store it somewhere it couldn’t be damaged.

In terms of your massage table sheets, keep your sheets somewhere they won’t be spilled on or incur damage from being torn. Avoid exposure to things in the room and keep your massage table sheets in a cupboard, cabinet, or somewhere private. In terms of dirty or stained massage table sheets, remove them from the table and put them somewhere they can be safely stored until they can be washed.

Lastly, if there are issues with holes, broken elastics, fraying, or anything on a sheet that looks unkempt, discard it for the time being. If it cannot be repaired or is dirty, the sheet should not be used.


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