How To Do Lymphatic Drainage With Gua Sha Tools At Home

Lymphatic drainage is a major attractant to why people start gua sha therapy. The ability to cleanse the face of imperfections and toxins buried beneath the surface layer of skin whenever one wishes is a luxury.

Gua sha is one of the best facial massage techniques. Especially with facial care and skincare, nothing will quite drain the lymphatic system like a manual massage. Once you know the technique, gua sha is the sort of thing you can do whenever you like. Gua sha tools provide a safe, simple, and effective way to weaponize the lymphatic system to make skin clear and toxin-free.

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Here’s everything you need to know about how these tools can help lymphatic drainage.

How Does The Lymphatic System Work?

The lymphatic system is one of the body’s most important systems. As nutrients are absorbed from the blood capillaries further in to the body, excess fluid is dispersed into the body’s tissue. This is lymphatic fluid.

Lymphatic fluid is clear and not so much a problem except when there’s an abundance. It consists of waste products derived from cells in the body’s tissue. In it often are microorganisms and bacteria as well.

There are lymphatic capillaries designed to absorb this fluid, carry it to the lymph node, cleanse it in the lymph node, and then, return this filtered fluid to your circulation. Too much, however, overwhelms the system. Your lymphatic system is the body’s detoxification method for dealing with toxins from the blood.

The lymphatic system can be damaged, impaired, and weakened, especially as we age. This can cause swelling, pain, and a risk of infection. Excess fluid from the skin suddenly doesn’t get eradicated so easily, either. Therefore, you carry all this excess fluid and these toxins that remain underneath the skin.

How Does Gua Sha Stimulate The Lymphatic System?

Gua sha on the face is performed much gentler than the gua sha done on the body. Your chosen facial gua sha tool is typically made from polished porcelain, jade, or quartz. For lymphatic drainage, here is what to do. 

  • Start at your chin.
  • Gently sweep your gua sha tool along the jawline and up to your ear.
  • Move the tool behind the earlobe.
  • Then, gently sweep the tool down the neck to your collar bone.

This 4-step process should be repeated three or four times.


How to do facial gua sha


You don’t need to rush it or press intensely into the skin. You can adjust the intensity as you like and customize the experience for yourself. It takes no more than a couple of minutes to stimulate the lymphatic system and to promote proper lymphatic drainage. 

The result is skin that is firm, properly contoured, without puffiness, and with minimal inflammation, if any.

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