Best Massage Accessories To Add To Your Long-Term Health Plan

Long-term health management for athletes and people who enjoy fitness is often focused on aesthetics when we’re younger. As we age though, for a lot of people, this flips to ensuring we feel good.

Massage accessories have a fundamental role to play in warming up the body, maintaining function, releasing tension, and improving overall quality of life. While at any time, one can schedule a massage with a massage therapist, having massage accessories available at home means you can achieve relief whenever you want.

As you’re winding down at the end of the night, it costs nothing to take fifteen minutes while watching TV or streaming a movie to get down on the floor and do some foam rolling or use a spiky massage ball to relieve some tension in the back.

Foam Roller

A foam roller is used for sports massage, deep tissue massage, and myofascial release. A user employs their own body weight to apply pressure on specific parts of the body rolled over these tools. They are a major part of a lot of athlete physiotherapy programs and long-term athlete health plans.

Spiky Massage Tools

A spiky massage ball or spiky massage roller offers a different massage experience. You use your own weight to do the bulk of the work, positioning these tools underneath you and positioning yourself where you need to be. 

TCM Medicine

Alongside the usual mix of massage oils and creams, there’s also topical TCM medicine (i.e. liniments and ointments) that can be used to relieve pain and promote circulation.

Silicone Cupping Sets

A silicone cupping set applies a reverse massage, suctioning the tissue upwards and allowing circulation to rush in while stagnant blood rushes out. Silicone cupping requires knowledge of proper technique and may require too much attention to do casually like you can with other massage accessories. 

Percussion Massage Gun

A percussion massage gun gives deep, fast hits into the tissue. It’s a little intense for most people but if you enjoy lifting weights and aren’t afraid of an intense massage experience, a Booster massage gun can help relieve tension and prevent delayed onset muscle soreness.

Gua Sha Tools

Gua sha tools allow you to really dig into the muscle manually and relieve tension in a way that hands or fingers can rarely reach.

Anti-Cellulite Massage Roller

An anti-cellulite massage roller is less about getting a relaxing massage and more about managing cellulite to varying degrees of effectiveness.


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