What Is TCM Medicine: Benefits, Safety, and Effectiveness

Traditional Chinese medicine, or TCM, has been used for centuries to treat a myriad of physical and mental illness.

In Western medicine, we often find TCM as a part of complementary and integrative health clinics, alternative medicine clinics, and in health and wellness centers or health food stores. Chinese medicine refers to herbs and spices, ground ingredients, herbal products, and sometimes can include physical therapies like acupuncture and tai chi.

What Is TCM Medicine?

TCM medicine is about treating the underlying cause of a condition. It focuses on psychological and physical approaches that reduce pain and discomfort while improving quality of life. TCM medicines are not pharmaceutical-based or synthetic. They are all-natural ingredients and incorporate targeted physical therapy.

TCM medicine is based on hundreds of years of use in Chinese and Asian cultures, akin to Asian folk medicine.

How Effective Is TCM Medicine?

TCM medicine is effective for certain illnesses and conditions, however, scientific research has demonstrated mixed results with certain approaches.

If you’re thinking about buying Chinese herbal products, or acupuncture needles, purchase what’s designed to treat your specific condition. For example, Natural Insomnia Relief Tablets is a traditional herbal product that helps to relief jitteriness due to feeling of fatigue and occasional insomnia. 


Traditional Chinese herbal formula Natural Insomnia Relief Tablets (An Mien Tablets)


There are more TCM herbal products out there for everything from anxiety to insomnia, heart disease, respiratory disorders, arthritis pain, headaches, and other conditions. 

All-natural TCM medicine has been around for centuries for a reason. They’ve worked for many people. Many of the ingredients used in TCM medicine have been tested individually as well as together and while it’s not fair to comment on every TCM product, a vast many of them are effective at treating symptoms of many conditions.

Is TCM Medicine Safe?

The safety of TCM medicine has been well-studied. So long as there has been no contamination, you don’t need to worry about safety. Especially in Canada where products have to pass a certain safety level to be widely available, there is nothing unsafe about TCM medicine.

As with any type of medicine, however, too much can be a bad thing. If you take one Tylenol, you will be fine but if you take ten Tylenol, it can have fatal consequences. The dangers of TCM medicine are almost always related to misuse and misapplication, or contamination of the product. Especially if it’s a TCM herbal product, following the instructions on the label is important.


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