Use Crystal Points to Set Intention And Manifest Your Future

Opening An Energy Field

A crystal point is one of the most versatile energy tools you can have. When you need to direct energy into an intention, a crystal gua sha tools allows you to target it. With all of the healing properties packed into crystal points, you have lots of different ways to use crystal points, from rituals to indirect or direct actions.

Here are some of the most effective ways to put to use a crystal point.

Take your crystal point and hold it over the top of your head with the point down toward your body. Visualize unzipping an energy field, stepping forward into it, and leaving behind all past energies. Bring the crystal to your heart and say to yourself what you want to program this new energy field with.

Create A Crystal Grid

Place your crystal point atop a mandala or at the center of a grid designed to magnify the intention you’ve set. To do this, handwrite your intention on a small piece of paper and place underneath the crystal point at the center of your grid. Think and direct your focused intention through the crystal point and up into the universe.

Send Healing to Someone Else

Instead of setting an intent for you and the energy field around you, perhaps you want to send healing to someone else. Find a photograph of this person you intend to direct healing energy towards. Write the physical address of their location on the back of the photo. Place a crystal point on top of the photograph and visualize them being healthy. This will direct that energy outwards and towards this location, with clear quartz being a popular crystal for this.

To Attract Abundance

How to use crystal points is with intent. Some people use crystals to attract abundance, such as wealth, business success, and the like. Amethyst and citrine are two crystals that work well for manifesting destiny in this way. If you are looking to achieve professional success in some way, crystals may be your pathway to an abundance.

Add A Crystal Point To Purify Your Space

Another way to use a crystal point is to place it in a room where you want unwanted negative energy absorbed and replaced with all that is positive. A great crystal point to use for this is amethyst, fluorite, or clear quartz. These are all purifying crystals that will cleanse and clear energies.

Other Ways to Use Crystal Point 

  • You can meditate with a gua sha crystal point to clear away clutter, stress, and anxiety.
  • You can use crystal points as protection, placing it in any space where you want to repel negative energy.

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