Should Athletes Try Cupping Therapy As A Part of Their Fitness And Massage Routine?

How Does Cupping Therapy Works?

For professional athletes, every hour of every day is an investment in their health and athletic ability. For a lot of the top athletes in the world, sports massage, silicone cupping, saunas, physiotherapy, and more are a part of their routine to keeping themselves in the best shape possible.

Cupping, in particular, is quite interesting. It’s received a lot of attention in the past decade, starting at the Olympic-level and now having made its way down to even minor league and college-level athletes looking to gain a competitive edge.

The advantages of cupping are documented among a lot of these athletes, professional and amateur alike. As cupping enhances the body’s ability to heal, an athlete is able to jump back on their feet faster and be more efficient.

With TCM cupping, it is a type of massage. Cups are applied on tissue and create a type of vacuum. The tissue is lifted. New blood and lymphatic fluid is brought to the area, pushing out blood and fluids that are old and stagnant. All you’re doing here is empowering the body’s natural fluid exchange process.

Cupping is often noticed in public on the marks they leave behind. In a lot of cases, cupping doesn’t have to leave behind marks. If you leave the cups on too long or the pressure’s overly intense, or for various other reasons, marks can present. They are nothing to be worried about, disappearing in a matter of days.

Can You Do Cupping Therapy To Yourself?

With a silicone cupping set, you can perform cupping on yourself. The silicone is squeezed and this is what creates the suction you want. You lift and stretch the tissue doing this, similar to a massage but almost in reverse.

Studies have shown that cupping sets can dig into the tissue as deep as four inches in. If you’re accustomed as an athlete to manual therapies like massage and physiotherapy, cupping’s similar.

The results of cupping speak for themselves. Are they going to drastically improve an athlete’s performance – not exactly. Will they aid in keeping you from getting injured – cupping might. Therapeutic cupping unlocks your body’s ability to maintain itself. Healing is easier. Staying warmed up and fresh, and not so stiff is easier. A lot of athletes are integrating cupping into monthly and weekly routines, and have seen great success with it.

Where Can I Buy A Cupping Set?

Buying silicone cupping sets online is a simple process and ensures you have the cups to do cupping whenever you like. You can find some excellent cupping sets on Black Friday deals at

Cupping therapy for athletes has been put on the map in a big way. Even if you aren’t a professional athlete but are a committed gym-goer, you certainly want to be taking care of yourself. Try cupping therapy, using a modernized approach like so many Olympic athletes. is the place to shop cupping sets and accessories.

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