5 Key Elements for Choosing Massage Balls

An exercise ball – sometimes referred to as a yoga ball or massage ball – is known to loosen tension, tightness, and soreness in the body. As with any fitness accessory, there are variances in quality with massage balls. Certain things you want to look for and others not so much. Here are the key elements in choosing massage balls that you will want to have on your mind as you’re searching for the right exercise ball for you.

1. Size

How large or small your exercise ball is will determine where you can use it. A small massage ball will require a lot of time to work on a large muscle group, such as the quads, and may prove entirely ineffective. However, a small yoga ball could help for the balls of your feet.

This is why having a few differently-sized massage balls isn’t a bad idea if you’re doing the whole body.

2. Weight

A heavy massage ball will stay in place as you put your weight on it. It will be more difficult to move. That’s a good thing. This is why a high-quality solid massage ball is preferable over one that’s hollow or inflatable.

3. Shape

You’re mimicking the sensation of a massage from a professional masseuse. You want the shape and design of your massage ball to be in line with what you want to feel on your body. 

4. Grip

Grip is important. A slippery massage ball is going to be difficult to keep in place. This is why a tennis ball is not going to work. A fitness massage ball, on the other hand, will grip the floor and stay where you need it to be.

5. Hardness

The hardness of your exercise ball is up to you. Some people prefer a softer massage ball but this won’t do much in releasing tension at trigger points where firm pressure is needed. For others, however, a harder massage ball can be downright painful.

Bonus: Durability 

A massage ball has got to be able to handle your weight and stand up to prolonged use. A premium-grade high-quality massage ball is a must.

Why Choose These Three Products?

There are a few different high-quality massage balls at Lierre.ca to look at if you’re choosing one.

  • Tune Up Fitness Therapy Ball Plus Pair in Tote are ideal for spinal rolls, iliotibial band, and thigh rolls, with an easy-to-carry tote. Two self-massage therapy balls that you can use simultaneously.
  • Tune Up Fitness Yoga Therapy Ball Pair in Tote are designed to be used in combination with personal training, yoga, and massage therapy, targeting deep tissue relief and pain relief throughout the body.
  • Fitness Massage Ball is tailored more for trigger point therapy and will be what you use to revitalize and rejuvenate tired, sore muscles. This is what most people think of when discussing massage balls.


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