How to Use Yoga Blocks in Your Existing Routine

What Are Yoga Blocks Made From?

Yoga blocks, sometimes referred to as yoga bricks, are a favourite accessory of a lot of yoga practitioners. They allow people to sink into restorative postures, evenly distribute their weight, maximize the benefits of yoga, and ultimately, improve their experience.

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Yoga bricks are used so that you can lean on them and put weight onto them. They are often seen as rectangular bricks, designed to maximize stability. Foam is what is most often used, maximizing movement as well as still offering the stability you want. Some people prefer these thanks to their soft base.

More eco-friendly choices are cork yoga blocks or wood bricks, both of which provide sturdiness over softness.

How Do You Use Yoga Bricks?

Yoga blocks are there to make certain movements more accessible and better balanced. Therefore, how to use yoga bricks varies according to the pose, shape, and flexibility of the individual using them.

Some people place bricks under the elbows to deepen a posture. A lot of people place yoga bricks behind their back for some extra support at their back and core. It’s all in where you’re needing to use them. In yoga, a lot is talked about regarding alterations and modifications. Utilizing bricks in the correct way, it’s very much the same thing. It’s about adjusting poses to suit you.

How Many Yoga Bricks Do I Need?

Most people only use one yoga brick. You don’t need more than that. That said, more experienced yoga practitioners may use two blocks. Two can often more support in certain shapes. You don’t need more than two, although this varies on the person. There is no wrong number of yoga bricks to use.

The only rule with yoga bricks is to use them correctly. Too many can lead to instability and hazards. You never want to put yourself in a dangerous pose with yoga bricks where you feel unsafe.

Where Can I Buy Yoga Bricks in Canada?

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