Tips And Tricks For Muscle Pain Relief

Two Types of Muscle Soreness

Muscle pain and muscle soreness is difficult to overcome at times. Whether you’re an athlete or non-athlete, although there are lots of techniques that can be used for muscle pain relief, everyone’s different and you may find yourself struggling to find something that works. Here’s everything you need to know in how to treat muscle pain.

Muscle soreness is either acute, meaning it is immediate, or it is delayed, such as DOMS aka delayed onset muscle soreness. The latter occurs common after workouts.

Muscle Pain Is Normal During A Workout

A sort of burning pain during a workout is caused by a build-up of metabolites during a high-intensity exercise. This resolves quickly after an exercise is done.

DOMS Occurs In 24-72 Hours

DOMS occurs from microscopic tears in the muscle fibers and connective tissue from exercise. When you use a muscle that’s not accustomed to a certain level of activity, this is what can happen.

NSAIDs Are Not Effective

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, are very limited in effectiveness. For muscle injuries relief, it is best to avoid oral anti-inflammatories and stick with methods of pain relief with minimal side effects.

Keep Moving When You Can

Although you may be tempted with soreness and exercise-related muscle pain to stay still, circulation helps. The best thing you can do in a lot of cases is to move, stretch, and get blood flowing.

Antioxidants Help With Muscle Pain

Although the effect isn’t immediate, a diet rich in antioxidants is equipped to handle muscle soreness and pain in a more efficient manner. Cherry juice, pineapple, ginger, and health supplements like omega-3 fish oil and turmeric are all great things to take for this.

Liniments For Pain

There are several highly-effective liniments for pain, including Zheng Gu Shui. These are applied topically and provide instant reductions in pain. Liniments are often great for delayed onset muscle soreness and moderate pain.

What To Do For Muscle Pain Relief

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So long as the pain does not stem from a serious injury, you know it’s temporary in design. The objective then becomes how to manage the symptom. A liniment or muscle pain relief rub, cream, or similar low-risk topical approach is most safe. Oral medications such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or naproxen are not as effective as one may think, and certainly stronger medications such as opioids are entirely unnecessary in managing temporary soreness and pain.

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