What Are the Benefits of Gua Sha – The Ultimate TikTok Massage Tool For Smooth Skin

How It Works

If you’ve gone browsing online for how to get smooth skin, you may have come across TikTok beauty secrets and different skincare brands on platforms like Instagram built around a TCM massage technique known as gua sha.

Gua sha is an amazing way to massage the facial structure, reducing tension and improving circulation. If you’ve ever had a facial massage done to you or have given yourself a facial massage, this technique is a lot easier to apply and gets the job done more consistently every time.

Why gua sha is proving to be so popular is likely because of its effectiveness. Just like you apply a moisturizer and/or other products on the skin to keep yourself looking your best, gua sha is complementary to any existing skincare regimen, all-natural, and efficient.

On TikTok alone, there have been nearly 700 million views on the #guasha hashtag alone!

It all starts with a gua sha tool. These can be made from various materials but the best gua sha tools are crystal. That’s what has been traditionally used.

Gua sha is a form of traditional Chinese medicine. The technique takes a smooth stone and carefully moves it across the skin in a scraping motion. It needs to be done gently as not to unnecessarily irritate the skin, of course.

As it is a form scraping, to use gua sha it is most common to apply a moisturizer or serum first, followed by light strokes with the tool. The actual technique is varied depending on the area, however, something to remember is that gua sha should never pull the skin downward. All movements are to be applied upward or outward, never downward.

Benefits of Gua Sha

Although more research is needed, some benefits of gua sha are clear. We do know it brings down puffiness and can create a more even complexion. Any sort of stimulation like this will increase circulation which of course has its own advantages as old blood is taken out and new blood is moved in.

As you run the stone across your face, you’re also helping to relieve tension. A lot of us don’t recognize the amount of stress we carry in our faces over the course of the day. Even when some of us sleep, we still clench our faces in very unnatural ways and that, combined with age, results in wrinkles over time.

To this latter point, many people have used gua sha to smooth out wrinkles and have found tremendous success in it for this.

Add gua sha to your skincare regimen and see the difference it makes. Begin on this journey by searching out a gua sha tool that speaks to you. Shop all your gua sha tools in Canada and accessories today at Lierre.ca. There are some amazing Black Friday Deals on gua sha tool waiting to be discovered! 

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