See the Secrets to Self-Care at Home with Gua Sha

An ancient beauty tool, gua sha provides a pathway to self-care anyone can do. Use your favourite moisturizer and serums, pick up your gua sha tool, and begin a treatment. It’s a straightforward way to keep blemishes to a minimum.

For those new to the world of gua sha, it is a beauty treatment originating from China. The term itself translates to ‘scraping’ in English. In a sense, that’s an accurate descriptor. That said, gua sha’s more than that.

A great place to get started in seeing the results of gua sha, look online. Instagram offers a catalogue of experiences under the gua sha hashtag. As you’ll find, these posts come from accounts with people with smooth, de-puffed, and perfectly contoured faces. For these individuals, gua sha is a part of their daily care regimen.

How Do You Do Gua Sha on Your Face?

Gua sha starts by selecting a gua sha tool. They are made from crystal. Visit for Thera Chrystals gua sha tools.

Thera Crystal™ Rose Quartz Gua Sha


Once you have your tool, apply a moisturizer. Then you want to scrap from roughly your collar bone upwards, going region-by-region. This stimulates circulation, healing, and lymphatic drainage in these areas. There are many guides online that show more into what the right technique is for gua sha.

Is Gua Sha Painful?

The beauty about gua sha is once you have the tool, you can perform it anywhere morning or night.

Naturally, the question gets asked among newcomers as to whether gua sha hurts. It shouldn’t. When performed on the body, gua sha is a little more intense. Facial gua sha, however, is a different experience. It shouldn’t leave any marks or cause pain before or after. If anything, a soothing, meditative experience is what gua sha should resemble.

Are the Benefits of Gua Sha Real?

The facial benefits of gua sha are very real. Gua sha works. In the same way that facial pressure points are manipulated by acupuncturists, a similar rejuvenation occurs with gua sha. When applied regularly, things like wrinkles and fine lines almost disappear.

The key to getting results is to practice it regularly – that’s at least once a day. Use outward, upward strokes. Ensure you are using a high-quality rose quartz gua sha tool or similar-quality crystal stone.

What you will find through the use of gua sha is that you’re stimulating natural systems to eliminate puffiness and inflammation, to clean the tissue underneath the skin, and to stimulate new cell growth.

It’s no anti-aging cure but it comes relatively close. You instantly drain out all the stress and allow those pesky facial muscles to relax. For some, they notice a noticeable change after a single treatment. For others, it can take a couple of weeks.

Self-care with gua sha is an inexpensive way to stimulate cleaning, product absorption, and healing in your face. Get started with your first gua sha tool today with

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