The Guide for Infrared Therapy and TDP Lamps

The Guide for Infrared Therapy and TDP Lamp

With the development of technology, there are many new therapies and tools in order to help people treat pain, inflammation, and other health conditions. For example, Infrared Therapy and TDP Lamp are becoming more popular in modern days. Some people are concerning: what are Infrared Therapy and TDP Lamp?

What is Infrared Therapy?

Infrared therapy is a new and innovative light-based method that used to treat pain and inflammation in the body. Compare to ultraviolet light which can damage the skin, infrared light enhances cell regeneration because it can penetrate the deep layers of the skin. 

What is TDP Lamp?

TDP lamps are sometimes referred to as TDP mineral lamps or infrared heat lamps. It is a specific electromagnetic lamp that produces far infrared emissions. In fact, TDP lamps are not only used at clinics but are used at homes. They use advanced light technology to increase healing in the body, assisting with everything from back pain to wound healing.

The most known TDP lamps for healing injuries and pain in Canada are CQ-29 TDP lamp and CQ-36 TDP lamp.

How does TDP Lamp work?

Infrared heat lamp has two components in the design of the lamp. The first component is the far-infrared heat waves which are generated by a built-in electric heating element. These waves target the body and are absorbed inches deeply. In addition, the infrared light can reach as deep as 4 inches under the skin to cure issues effectively. The second component is a round plate coated with a mineral clay formation of 33 essential elements. The electric heating allows this mineral plate to release into the far-infrared waves. Directed into the muscle tissue are these minerals by light waves.

TDP Lamp CQ-36

The concept of how TDP lamp work is by using the heat: heat up the lamp at high temperature, and then the lamp will produce radiation as well as electromagnetic wave. Since the centre of the lamp carry the minerals, it will become ionized and be carried into human below the 3 ½ inches below the surface under the skin. It is believed that such heat therapy can stimulate the healing and metabolism process  of your body.

The TDP lamp can also assist to solve when you are suffering fro anxiety, illness, injuries as well as fatigue. It works by implementing the channel of heatwave, which resembles the crystal healing. That is why people often called the TDP lamp the miracle magic lamp. It has the best way to transfer the essential minerals that your body will be required through heating it up. Consequently, it will improve your health as well as wellness.

What's TDP Lamp used for?

The uses of TDP lamp are various:

  • Often used for assisting acupuncture in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). 
  • Help with some diseases, chronic conditions, and/or poor health.
  • Muscle pain usually comes from tension, stress and overuse.

What are the benefits of using the TDP Lamp?

TDP lamps have shown positive results for a wide range of health conditions: arthritis, joint pain, dermatitis, inflammation, skin conditions, diarrhoea, lower back pain, irregular menstruation, paralysis, infection, scars, cold and flu symptoms, angina, bone fractures, bruises, tumours, and low metabolism.

Moreover, several hospitals in China and Japan have proven that TDP lamps can promote micro-circulation. Micro-circulation is the movement of blood into the smaller areas of the body where it can deliver nutrients, remove waste, and send new cells to repair. 


In conclusion, TDP lamps are used every day in Canada by acupuncturists, chiropractors, and other health specialists. Furthermore, TDP lamp devices have already been approved by the FDA for the treatment of chronic pain and arthritis.


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