The Ultimate Guide for Infrared Therapy and TDP Lamps

TDP lamps are sometimes referred to as TDP mineral lamps or infrared heat lamps. A number of Canadians have heard about CQ-29 or CQ-36 TDP lamp for healing injuries and pain, and TDP lamps are used not only at clinics but also at homes. They use advanced light technology to increase healing in the body, assisting with everything from back pain to wound healing.

Infrared heat lamp therapy has two components in the design of the lamp. You have the far-infrared heat waves which are generated by a built-in electric heating element. These waves target the body and are absorbed inches deeply. The infrared light can reach as deep as 4 inches under the skin to cure issues effectively. 

TDP Lamp CQ-36

The second component is a round plate coated with a mineral clay formation of 33 essential elements. The electric heating allows this mineral plate to release into the far-infrared waves. Directed into the muscle tissue are these minerals by light waves.

An infrared heat lamp for muscle pain is based on traditional Chinese medicine. The electromagnetic frequencies that exist in a healthy human body can be tampered with in disease, chronic conditions, and/or poor health. Muscle pain usually comes from tension, stress and overuse. By heating the target areas, muscles can get relaxation so as to ease the symptoms. 

A TDP lamp reproduces these natural electromagnetic frequencies. You can feel it as you turn your lamp on, and it usually takes several minutes to make the lamp start to provide heat. The heat can penetrate nearly 4 inches deep. Add to the full infrared spectrum emitted into the body with the mineral plate process. It’s a winning combination!

TDP Lamp CQ-29

The result is a total jumpstart in the natural repair and healing process the body now naturally takes. The human body relies on itself to heal, through the vitamins and minerals available to it. Using an infrared heat lamp for back pain, as an example, speeds up the healing process or intensifies it.

TDP lamps have a tremendous amount of science backing them. In fact, they’re used in several hospitals in China and Japan as a way to promote micro-circulation. Micro-circulation is the movement of blood into the smaller areas of the body where it can deliver nutrients, remove waste, and send new cells to repair. 

TDP lamps can also be combined with acupuncture. Some of the other conditions that infrared heat lamp acupuncture have shown positive results with include arthritis, joint pain, dermatitis, inflammation, skin conditions, diarrhoea, lower back pain, irregular menstruation, paralysis, infection, scars, cold and flu symptoms, angina, bone fractures, bruises, tumours, and low metabolism.

They don’t just work singularly on one system in the body. A TDP lamp works on multiple. The stimulation of these systems means a healthier you. They’re used every day in Canada by acupuncturists, chiropractors, and other health specialists. TDP lamp devices have already been approved by the FDA for the treatment of chronic pain and arthritis.

As the world continues to learn more about the power of infrared heat lamps, you don’t have to wait. Buy a TDP lamp in Canada today from You can find two types of TDP lamps. The biggest difference between these two is that you can set a time alarm on TDP Lamp CQ-36, but you can not do that on a TDP lamp CQ-29.  Give yourself another treatment option for managing chronic pain or try it on other conditions. Far infrared energy penetrating into the body supports more efficient systems and a healthier individual as a whole.

Infrared heat therapyTdp lamp

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