Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts and Ideas 2020

Don’t be boring this Valentine’s Day. The more unique your gift, the more memorable it will be. Common elements like candy and flowers won’t ever be remembered. Be different! Ask, what does my partner really like – whatever it is, that’s what you want to chase this February 14.


Searching Valentine’s Day gifts for her, you will find plenty of gift ideas but they’re not always necessarily going to be a home run, especially if you’re buying for someone who is different compared to your average person. Here’s where to start. Even if you’re working with a limited budget, here’s what you can do to make a memory.

Cook a meal for them

If you’re not an experienced cook, there can be a lot riding on this but nothing says ‘I love you’ like cooking a meal for them. It’s a great Valentine’s Day date idea that doesn’t cost a ton, essentially saving you from having to spend on going out. In return, you can either save the expense or re-invest that money into a physical gift post-dinner.

Give them a self-care day

A romantic Valentine’s Day gift for her can be to literally shower her with all sorts of relaxing activities. A mani-pedi is a great option, as is getting her hair dyed or a deep tissue massage. Ideally, you might want to consult with her beforehand to see what she’s comfortable with. Spending money on therapies, treatments, and relaxing activities like this can be a meaningful action expressing your fondness towards them. Crystals have a bunch of fans because of their good looking and the magic effect inside. Rose quartz is a kind of crystal stone that means receiving and giving love. Rose quartz products can be perfect Valentine's Gift, such as crystal roller and heart shape gua sha. 

Getting out into the outdoors

A Valentine’s Day gift idea for him can be to appeal to his sports and athletic side by having an outdoor day. Skip the restaurant and go right to having a hike. Regardless of the climate, all regions have something to be mined and explored in the outdoors. It’s a great shared activity while getting you out of the responsibility of daily life. The fantastic event that you spent together may even leave a longer memory than buying a physical gift since people are more likely to be touched by feelings. 

DIY a Valentine’s Day gift for her

For simple Valentine’s Day ideas, you could create a series of crafts such as filling a notebook containing some memories from your time together. A heart-shaped collage, coupons for different favors around the house, creating a piece of art for her, writing her a song or piece of poetry, printing photos or something like this can be very special. As an alternative. you can also build skincare set to as shown below, including facial masks, bath lotion as well as bath salt, and a silicone coming with the set to help with skin issues.  

If you play it right, you can make it through Valentine’s Day without spending a fortune on products you don’t really need. That said, it doesn’t hurt to have at least one or two gifts in your back pocket. If you go that route, shop Lierre.ca for the best deals in Canada on hot, trendy Valentine’s Day gifts for him and her. A combination of simple and thoughtful with classic Valentine’s Day imagery can make this holiday an unforgettable one for you and your partner.

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