What Are The Best Gua Sha Tools For An At-Home Facial Massage

Jade Stone Gua Sha Tool

Centuries-old traditional Chinese medicine has found new footing as a go-to Instagram beauty secret.

Gua sha is an ancient facial technique that uses stones to create flow and movement. This successfully relieves tension and boosts circulation, leaving you with an overall healthier complexion. You eliminate tension blockages and stimulate the tissue. Pure radiance.

If you’re just getting into gua sha, however, what gua sha stone is best is a question not easily answered. Here are the best gua sha stones for facial massages. These gua sha crystals are purchasable online and can be used daily to achieve the desired results.

Jade stone is a highly decorative piece but it’s also an excellent stimulator. Jade is a ‘lucky stone’ and is associated with wisdom and longevity. For optimal balance and healthy skin, jade’s a reliable stone.

Black Obsidian Gua Sha Tool

Black Obsidian is made from rapidly cooled lava. It is a beautiful gua sha tool for a bathroom exhibiting monochromatic décor. It’s an extremely fine choice to achieve those meditative, relaxing rhythms.

Rose Quartz Gua Sha Teardrop

Rose quartz is a must-have stone in anyone’s gua sha collection. A high-quality rose quartz free from fillers or coatings is best. It’s also a stone known to attract and cultivate love. The teardrop shape is also very adaptable to the contours of the face.

Rose Quartz Gua Sha Heart Shape

The heart shape is a sought-after stone for gua sha in Canada. With its sharp point and rounded curves, a practitioner can do their whole face with a heart-shaped stone. Pinpoint different muscles with a heart’s grooves, edges, and point.

Clear Quartz Gua Sha Heart Shape

Huge those cheekbones and jawline with a clear quartz heart shape. Learn to love your skin’s natural imperfections and optimize what you got by gently sculpting every curve with clear quartz in hand.

Jade Gua Sha Wing Shape

The wing shape has a rounded point that can really dig into areas where there’s tension that won’t release. Crafted from jade, there’s nothing subtle about the wing shape. It’s a tool you can use to probe deep into the muscle – only when needed, of course! – and brings results to the surface.

Rose Quartz Gua Sha Rectangle

A simple rectangle is easy to hold and maneuver across the skin. Hug curves and guide the tool along the natural shapes along the sides of the face and neck. This is a perfect tool for around the jawline.

Amethyst Facial Lifting Massage Tool

Amethyst is a cleansing crystal. It is used for calm, tranquility, and to eliminate toxicity while protecting you from negative influence. In the form of a facial lifting massage tool, amethyst gua sha can address everything from the neckline to the forehead.

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