What Equipment You Need For A Massage Therapy Business

A massage therapist looking to start working for themselves needs the right equipment. Even experienced massage experts can come across as amateurs if they aren’t showing off professional-grade equipment.

For newly certified massage therapists and those with years of work behind them, after you’ve decided on a space to set up your business, here’s the equipment you need.

Where to Buy Basic Massage Therapy Supplies

Your basic massage therapy supplies include a massage table, massage chair, pillows, linens, towels, massage oils or lotions, massage creams, ambiance accessories such as music and candles, and a way to wash used linens and towels.

Speak to any of the more than 39 percent of massage therapists who are self-employed and they’ll all tell you those are the essentials needed to set up a massage therapy business properly.

Be it in a nursing home, a gym, a commercial office, or working from home, all of this massage therapy equipment will have a purpose. Do keep in mind, if you’re traveling or offering mobile services, you will need a foldable massage table and a sturdy bag to keep lotions and towels in.

How to Save Money on Massage Supplies in Canada

The cost of massage therapy essentials can be daunting. Though a lot of these are one-time purchases, the upfront capital required is high. Fortunately, there are a few ways to save some money.

The most important piece of equipment you’ll have is the massage table. You can’t skimp on a table. This is where a lot of the quality of your massage therapy service will come from. Find a massage table that adjusts to different body sizes, adjustable to your ideal height, and most importantly that’s comfortable for clients.

After you have your massage table, you can debate the merits of cost v. quality on other equipment and supplies. It doesn’t hurt to buy all your massage supplies from a single source, either. This is how you get your best discount.

No Compromises on Safety

Massage supplies have to be safe. Don’t go bargain bin shopping for things like creams and massage lotions. You want your business to be a safe, relaxing place for clients to come. Compromising on safety to save a buck isn’t a smart move.

One of the best places to buy massage therapy supplies in Canada is Lierre.ca. Purchase everything you need from a single supplier. The right specifications for your space and services are available. Many of the essentials mentioned on this page also regularly featured on sale.

Browse sheets, massage oils, massage chairs, pillows, massagers, and all sorts of alternative therapy supplies from Lierre.ca. Create or revamp your massage store in minutes. For every massage therapist, Lierre.ca is where you want to shop.

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