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In Japan, the practice of burning incense dates back thousands of years. There, incense has been used for purification, cleansing, and relaxation. Japanese incense is widely seen as one of the best types of incense, known around the world for its high quality and beautiful fragrances. There’s a lot of history behind Japanese incense and a lot that goes into making and using it. 

History of Japanese Incense

Incense has traditionally been made from natural materials that burn to release scents, like herbs, spices, and tree barks.

Incense originally came to Japan from China and quickly became a very popular practice. The incense makers in Japan quickly developed and improved their craft, making new scents, and building what is now one of the largest industries in the world.

Japanese Incense Materials

Most Japanese incense is made from a few key materials, sandalwood, resin, and essential oils.

The incense can be made from plant materials directly or with derived oils. Sandalwood and agarwood both have natural resins that produce fragrances when burned. The Japanese incense that uses these resins is prized and sought after by incense users and is extremely valuable.

Making Japanese Incense

Making incense is a delicate artisanal craft that can only be truly mastered by dedicated experts.

There are many aspects that go into making incense, and they must all be carefully controlled. The drying time of ingredients can greatly affect the quality of the incense. Temperature and humidity can play a similar effect. The sources of raw materials are also carefully controlled.

Using Japanese Incense

Traditionally, incense has seen wide use in many religious ceremonies.

Today, it is also used for meditation and aromatherapy. Different scents can have different effects, and there are many options for those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation. The calming scents are used to promote peace and tranquility within the home. Some types are also used to repel insects from entering.

Types of Japanese Incense

There are two main types of Japanese incense. These are kunko, a heated incense, and shoko, a burning incense.

A heated incense is not burned, only heated to release the fragrance. Sandalwood is often used for this type of incense. Burning incense is burned for its fragrant smoke. This type of incense is made of aromatic materials that are coated on an incense stick.

Japanese incense is used by many people every day. It’s known and loved for the quality, fragrance, and craft. With a long history and a thriving following today, Japanese incense is a great pick for anyone who wants to try out incense. Find Shoyeido natural incense at Whether you want to try the heated kunko or the burning shoko, Shoyeido natural incense will be sure to give you the peace and relaxation you need. Shop at and check the upcoming Black Friday Deals, get the best quality and popular incense and more right away.

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