What Will 30 Days Of Gua Sha Get You In Results?

Does gua sha work – beauty experts are divided. Some dismiss these unassuming crystal tools. Others swear by them. There are all sorts of claims surrounding gua sha, a term tagged over 300,000 times on Instagram and with massive Google search volume behind it. With more people interested in gua sha than ever before, we put the new influencer-supported beauty trend to the test. We did a month’s worth of treatments to see if this is all you need for glowing, vibrant skin. Here’s what we found.

It’s Easy To Do

Once you’ve found where to buy gua sha tools and you get the hang of it, it’s a quick facial procedure you can do quickly and efficiently any time. Do it in front of your flat-screen or in the morning, as you please.

You Feel Trendy

There’s definitely a ‘cool’ factor to using gua sha. Everyone from Lizzo to Oscar-winning actors and celebrities are using jade, amethyst, clear quartz, rose quartz, and other stones to offer themselves the benefits of gua sha.

Sculpts The Face

The more you do it, the more you feel like you’re sculpting your face. Over weeks of gua sha, it will look like your face’s natural shapes and curves are more prominent and featured. It’s optimization, in a way. You optimize the positives and hide the negatives.

It Is Very Relaxing

Any gua sha Asian-owned business in Canada will share not only the skin benefits but the relaxation that comes with performing the act. It offers the same sensations as a lot of facial massages. You relax your face, muscle by muscle. This is such a nice feeling. It alone is enough reason to start doing gua sha on a regular basis.

Address Wrinkles And Imperfections

Wrinkles, lines, and a lot of skin imperfections come from tension. Tension marks on the face are very common. Over time, if we reduce facial tension, we reduce our wrinkles and fine lines. Relaxation not only feels extraordinary but it has some strong anti-wrinkle benefits when done every day.

Reduces Puffiness

Puffiness is a big problem for some. It’s worse perhaps in the morning when we wake up. A quick gua sha session is enough to push out the puffiness, get new blood circulating in, and give yourself the appearance of healthy, active skin.

Reduce The Appearance Of Acne

Gua sha doesn’t cure acne. Gua sha does smooth one’s complexion though. Acne is less apparent, blending into the skin tones around it. The circulation these crystal tools stimulate also isn’t a bad thing in terms of treating the toxicity involved in acne.

Gua sha has strong roots in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) but it’s transcended culture in recent years. These are just a few of the changes we noticed in our skin using gua sha for a full month’s worth of days. Shop premium gua sha in Canada at Lierre.ca today. Find our amazing deal at our 13th Anniversary Sale!!!

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