What Type Of Resistance Band Is The Best?

Exercise with Resistance Bands

Types of resistance bands vary according to several factors. They vary in intensity. Quality can vary. There are different price points according to what brand you’re buying and how many resistance bands are included in a package. They also can vary perhaps most notably in their design.

When some people think ‘resistance bands’, they think of tube resistance bands. A tube resistance band anchors to a bar, pole, or door, and have a handle on both ends. You can use them on presses, curls, rows, and any movement with pressing or pulling involved.

Tube resistance bands are an excellent tool for home workouts and/or if you travel a lot and are committed to continuing your workouts even when all the time you have is twenty minutes in a hotel suite.

Figure-8 Bands

Figure-8 resistance bands are very common, with soft handles at the top and bottom and a cable that’s arranged in the figure 8 shape. They can be used for upper and lower body workouts, ultimately one of the more diverse bands there is.

Unfortunately, there are limits to figure-8 bands as they only offer 8-20 pounds of resistance. Beginners and intermediate fitness lovers won’t mind but professional-level weightlifters often need a little more. Fortunately, there are other resistance band sets in Canada offering much more resistance.

Rubber Bands

Thin and light, rubber bands are specifically for injury rehabilitation, the elderly, and anyone who’s been recommended a low-impact workout. They are often combined with Pilates and different fat-burning workouts to add a little resistance without it feeling overwhelming or undoable.

A high-quality set of therapy bands can also be used during warm-ups or at the end of a fitness regimen.

Power Resistance Bands

Power resistance bands, aka loop bands, are made like a large rubber band. They increase intensity levels on pull-ups and dips, squats and shoulder presses, and push-ups and box jumps. Loop bands can also be added to free weight exercises for added resistance.

With these bands, you improve your muscular endurance, stability, and explosiveness. Power resistance bands are one of the more popular types of bands in athletics and bodybuilding.

Mini Bands

Mini bands are like a shorter, wider version of power resistance bands. They are arguably the best resistance bands for lower body workouts where you want to increase strength and stability.

Placing them above the knees or ankles, you also open up your hips and activate the glutes. Ultimately, mini bands are all about stabilization, activating the core, and ensuring you have proper form while performing exercises like squats, hip thrusts, and leg extensions.

What type of resistance bands are best? An argument could be made for any of these. For beginners or people who don’t know where to start, you may want to look at buying a set of loop bands or power resistance bands. They offer versatility and adjustability. Shop a set today at Lierre.caFind our amazing deal at our 13th Anniversary Sale!!!

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