Do Gua Sha Facial Scraper Stones Actually Work?

How To Do Gua Sha Facial?

A tremendous way to lift the skin, gua sha stones have been highly praised on Instagram and TikTok as a must-have.

Relax muscles. Brighten skin. Feel better. There are dozens of claims that have been made as to the benefits of this TCM-supported beauty secret.

Does gua sha work – assuming it’s done daily and performed correctly, the answer is yes.

Here is what you need to know about how to do gua sha properly as well as what you can expect it to do to your skin both short-term and long-term.

Gua sha is all about repeated strokes. It is administered with gua sha facial scraper stones. A smooth edge gently scraps lubricated skin, digging slightly into the tissue. Gua sha can be performed all over the body. Elsewhere than the face, it’s not uncommon to bruise the skin or hemorrhage the skin. Evidently, on the face, one wants to go a lot gentler and avoid these identifying marks.

What Does The Science Say About Gua Sha?

A lot of heads turned about a decade ago when a study was released suggesting gua sha demonstrated some outstanding benefits. Scientists found an upregulation of oxygenase-1 gene expression following gua sha. Oxygenase-1 is known to provide cytoprotection against oxidative stress, akin to an antioxidant response. This is what gua sha does. It not only has short-term skin advantages but you see changes on a molecular level in the body.

What Does Gua Sha Do For Your Skin?

  • Improves elasticity. Gua sha stones can create more bounce to the skin tissue. They improve the elasticity, making the skin feel younger than it is and restores some of its vibrancy.
  • Drains the lymphatic system. Circulation, fluid, and toxins can build up in the facial tissue. Without direct stimulation, these toxins sit there stagnant. Gua sha, just like a facial massage, stimulates the release of these things you don’t need or want.
  • Moves blood and qi. In TCM, gua sha is believed to stimulate the energy channels found in the body. This dispels excess fluid, detoxes the body, and moves energy through preventing stagnancy.
  • Helps with muscle recovery. Gua sha on the face can help relax muscles and induces calmness, allowing tension and anxiety to be released. This de-stressing means muscles can begin to recuperate, re-shape, and more.
  • Gua sha really depuffs the skin. If you leave your tool in the fridge overnight so it gets a little cold, come morning, you can use it to reduce puffiness and discolorations, and maintain a healthy, even complexion before you start your day.

Gua sha is a form of therapy. It doesn’t hold any negatives. It is only a way to produce positive benefits to the skin, accomplished through the use of premium-quality gua sha facial scraper stones. Shop yours at today. Find our amazing deal at our 13th Anniversary Sale!!!

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