Zheng Gu Shui - The best herb depot that you should store at home

Zheng Gu Shui is a common Chinese liniment for analgesic, the direct translation for this word also means “bone correction water”, which is pretty self-explanatory, usually traditional family or TCM practitioners use this to relieve blood stagnation, wound healing and even sooth pain from severe injuries like sport injuries or even broken bone.

The miracle behind this medicine is it can relieve all the pains from all sorts of injuries, including the pain which are muscle or nerve related, bruises, sprains etc, many people found that this Zheng gu Shui as perfect remedy and they store big volume in the house so this thing will be handy.

Regard to the secret ingredient, this medicine contains mostly camphor and menthol, such medicine is proven to be effective especially on relax tendons muscle as well as swelling, the other ingredients included polygonum cuspidatum, camphor wood, fragrant angelica as well as san-qi ginseng and water.

According to the TCM professionals, this medicine is best to apply directly on the external area of pain 2-3 times per day if needed, and do not use the Zheng gu Shui on the open wound and since this medicine is highly volatile, please do not put the medicine near any flammable objects to ensure the safety.

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