Hand sanitizer approved by Health Canada

A hand sanitizer that’s portable, antibacterial, and antiseptic can be just as effective as thoroughly washing your hands with soap and water.

Even with the economy reopening, it doesn’t mean our future’s one free from a risk of the coronavirus. Sanitizers will continue to play an important role in keeping your society healthy, attentive, and vigilant.

Our highest public health officials recommend washing our hands with soap and water. This is perhaps the most inexpensive and effective way to kill COVID-19. That said, we can’t always dedicate minutes a day over a sink and washing our hands.

The alternative is a hand sanitizer lotion. Why we use the term ‘lotion’ is for a reason. A lotion moisturizes and goes beyond your typical layer of disinfection that a sanitizer offers. Hand-washing’s still so important but the best hand sanitizer lotion can take its place in several situations.

Hand sanitizer kills germs and moisturizer hydrates hands. The same product can do both. The Divine Essence Hand Sanitizer - Ravintsara sprayer 60ml is one such product. This is a on-the-go alcohol based hand sanitizer made with 15 essential oils including vegettable Glycerin, Cinnamomum camphora cineoliferum oil, eucalyptus globulus oil, eucalyptus radiata oil, lavandula hybrida super oil. Killing most of germs and protecting and moisturizing hands . They come in small, easily portable bottles. This type of hand sanitizer is also 99% organic and natural.

Hand sanitizer approved by Health Canada

When you go out, take sanitizer with you. That’s easily said. It’s another thing to do – especially when it has happened that Health Canada recalls kinds of under quality hand sanitizer gel. To be sure your purchase is qualified and approved by Health Canada. So find a trustworthy distributor is as same important as finding a good quality hand sanitizer. Lierre.ca has hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and solutions which are approved by Health Canada.

There are a lot of advantages to shopping coronavirus hand sanitizer and other COVID-19 essentials online with Lierre.ca. Receive contact-less delivery to your front door and save the struggle of trying to find the same product in retail.

Once you have it in your hands, you’re covered. With an alcohol-based product like Divine Essence Hand Sanitizer, you don’t need to find soap and water. On top of that, you have moisturizing elements included functioning as both a sanitizer and lotion. Once use is done, following sanitization your skin will be soft and smooth to the touch – or at least, as best as any alcohol-based sanitizer can.

Hand sanitizer lotions are easy to find through Lierre.ca, with easy ordering and inventory available. When you can’t wash your hands, protection’s still possible. Next time you go to a grocery store, to make a healthcare appointment, or visit a relative, take some sanitizer. The coronavirus isn’t going away any time soon and keeping ourselves safe is key. Hand sanitizer’s proven to work. Even if you can’t find it in stores, now you can with Lierre.ca. Drop by today.

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