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A deep tissue massage is a very specific approach to giving a massage. Although it is not well-known to all, we can figure out that some people adore it. Others hate it. One of the more intense massages you can request, a deep tissue massage employs firm pressure and slow strokes into the deep tissue of muscle, reaching deep into the body to successfully reduce symptoms of stiffness, pain, and tightness. Other potential users, such as athletes or people who work out in the gym regularly are also supposed to have a massage gun at home. We all know that stretching is quite necessary after doing sports because muscles can not exercise well without relaxation afterwards. 


Some of the more common deep tissue massage benefits that clients love include injury rehabilitation, posture improvement, mobility improvement, the relief of back and neck pain, as well as the easing of chronic muscle pain or tension and so forth. Athletes use this type of massage as we have mentioned, as do a number of everyday Canadians. It’s a great solution to these complaints and more but did you know you don’t have to go to a practitioner or massage therapist to receive these benefits – check it out now!

Booster X2 Percussion Massage Gun for Muscle Recovery

A deep tissue muscle massage gun gives you the option to perform a massage on yourself at home, according to your comfort and pain levels. Having a massage gun at home, know that it works similarly on the muscle as a deep tissue massage given by a person does. We can’t emphasize the ‘intensity’ of a massage like this enough. If you’re easily injured, anything that’s being referred to as a ‘gun’ is probably not something you want on your body. Before using the massage gun, it is a good idea if you can seek as much information as you can to have a whole understanding of how to use a massage gun correctly and effectively by yourself at home. For example, bones and the neck are usually the parts that we do not recommend to have a deep tissue massage because injuries are likely to happen.  


A massage gun works by pressing the head repeatedly into the muscle, almost like very quick punches. Take the Booster X2 Percussion Massage Gun as an example, there are five alternative heads to choose from. If you have deep tissue massage pain, this can be a remedy. The speed at which a muscle gets hit overwhelms the nerves in this part of the body, giving your brain too much touching, feeling, and pain to process which in effect extinguishes all pain. It’s not uncommon seeing a body part feel borderline numb and completely pain-free immediately afterward.


Compare the cost of a deep tissue massage to the one-time investment in a massage gun. If you’re already a fan of deep tissue massages, there’s no reason not to have an easy-to-use accessory like this at home for you to employ on the days you can’t get to your practitioner.


Imagine sitting at home, in front of your TV, and pressing this gun into your muscle to slowly break down knots, adhesions, scar tissue, and to disrupt any stagnancy that’s built up in the body. Massagers typically apply a light amount of pressure. A light approach isn’t going to be able to do all these things for you. A massager like the Booster gun really digs in and is perfect for any person needing that little bit extra to provide themselves relief.


Are you ready to make a change and give yourself the chance to enjoy relaxation at home anywhere and at any time – join us. For a limited time, buy the best muscle massager gun in Canada from Your Booster’s waiting.

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