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A muscle massage gun otherwise referred to as a form of percussion therapy, is oftentimes a perfect solution for athletes struggling with sore achy muscles, strains, sprains, and minor injuries. Recently, massage guns are also greatly popular among people who have a regular schedule working out. They use massage guns to stretch muscles after intensive exercise. A correct type of massage can be absolutely a life-changing possession at home in terms of loosening the muscles or joints. In a nutshell, a massage gun makes it so that you can get it all done at home without spending the time, effort, or money going to someone. Sometimes, buying a massage gun can be some kind of expensive but it won’t cost you an arm or a leg, but it is really a recommendable investment for your body because you will benefit from it the whole life. 

Booster X2 Percussion Massage Gun for Muscle Recovery

The Booster massage gun specifically targets muscle soreness and stiffness post-exercise. Treatments admittedly are very intense so they may not be the best for someone who is with chronic pain and/or a serious injury. This massage gun uses its end to repeatedly jab into your muscle. Besides, there are five ends with different shapes to be chosen from. Sure, it might sound painful. Use it wrong and it can be! However, there are five levels of strength of Booster to serve for different needs. That said, percussion therapy has been around for several years and is used successfully to stimulate blood flow to areas in need of it. Selecting an appropriate degree of the massage gun, and it will give you the most effective treatment. 

Surveying the Booster gun reviews, you’ll find it works particularly well at eliminating what’s called ‘delayed onset muscle soreness’. If you’ve ever done a workout, felt great afterward, and the next morning has woken up nearly immobile, this is what we’re talking about. The muscle soreness you should have felt after your workout gets delayed due to a range of internal mechanisms and responses. The Booster helps with this a ton!

If you are looking for a massage gun in Canada, there’s no better option than the Booster. Some have even reported it’s helped them manage their fibromyalgia and chronic pain. We definitely recommend playing it safe here. Percussion therapy can be A LOT to handle. That said, high speeds and the act of stimulation through a gun does cause an overriding of pain in the brain. Essentially the feeling of overwhelming signals sent to the brain puts it into overdrive, which has proven effective at reducing chronic pain. For others though, it’s too much of a good thing.

A muscle massager like this should be a part of your daily routine, for people serious about gym workouts and getting healthy. Far too often, the focus is on lifting weights and going intense in athletics. Equal emphasis should be placed on recovery. That involves eating right, getting enough sleep, and using fitness accessories like massagers and other recovery items to initiate healing in the muscles before soreness sets in. Stretch appropriately of muscles and tendons every day contributes to a long life to a great extent. Wear and tear is going to happen. It’s going to be your response that either guides your body towards recovery or exhausting itself to injury.

Are you an athlete or a sports lover looking for a daily recovery massager? Try it! Buy the Booster massage gun today from and get it shipped to your front door anywhere in Canada.  

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