Natur Aroma Humidifier

Using and maintaining a humidifier, it’s a necessary addition to so many homes across Canada. Many homeowners find humidifiers to be an ideal solution in resolving pesky allergy symptoms, issues such as dry throats or dry skin related to dry air, and eczema.

Natur Aroma Humidifier

There’s a right and wrong way to use humidifiers however, including some that can actually exacerbate the same symptoms you may be trying to cure. Here are five common humidifier mistakes to remember and how to avoid them. Putting fresh fruits inside humidifiers instead of essential oil is the first and most important rule! 

Using tap water

Humidifiers work by breaking up water particles. When there is mineral residue in the tap water, even if you have the best humidifier, it’s going to leave a sort of white dust on your tank. Ideally, you want to use filtered water or water that’s been distilled, demineralized, or purified. This will prevent minerals from getting into your tank which will leave residue and make them airborne.


A humidifier isn’t being cleaned often enough

How to use a humidifier includes knowing it needs a clean from time to time. Manufacturer instructions should specify how often. Humidifiers can become dirty over time, no matter the model. Filters and tanks need to be cleaned, to avoid the growth of mold and bacteria.


You’re letting water sit in the tank

Buying a humidifier in Canada, ensure you’re not letting water remain in the tank for days on end. Water sat for days breeds bacteria, even in an enclosed tank. If you don’t use it every day or every other day, empty the tank. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions in terms of what cleaners are allowed to be used. If any chemicals are put in, always ensure a thorough rinse before using it again.


You aren’t measuring humidity levels before and after

Humidifier benefits aside, there’s such thing as too much humidity inside. Levels should be kept below 60 percent in winter and between 25-40 percent in winter. Adding too much humidity, you’re going to cause more harm. An overabundance of moisture is the perfect environment wherein bacteria, mold, and germs can grow.


Your humidity is rising too high with your humidifier

If you use your humidifier too often, it is very likely levels could increase to such a degree that things like dust mites, mold, and mildew start to become present. As we mentioned earlier, moisture’s not always a good thing if it exceeds the recommended levels. If curtains and pillows feel damp, condensation is building up on windows, and a room itself feels dense and moist, humidity’s too high.


These are the top 5 mistakes people make with a humidifier. They are easily avoidable and are generally learned over time. If you haven’t already encountered these sorts of issues. Are you looking for a humidifier for your home? Get one of Canada’s best models from!

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