A New Year Gift Guide for Crystal Lovers

New Year’s is an opportune time for new beginnings. Let the past be past, and move forward. Change and hope are in the air, and there’s so much waiting. For crystal lovers and soon-to-be crystal lovers, it’s also a fine chance to connect with your favorite gemstone and draw out negatives while focusing on all the positives ahead.


If you’re searching for New Year gift ideas, there’s plenty of beautiful crystal decorations in amethyst, jade, rose quartz, and clear quartz. Setting up something like crystal clusters or a hand-carved opal egg not only represents a natural, organic beauty but it comes with many elements of healing to them.

Glass Crystal Lotus

If a person already has all the decor they need around the house, there’s also jewelry that can double as a late holiday gift guide pick-me-up. For crystal lovers, they already know a tremendous power that some crystals hold. They’ve been used for centuries to protect against disease, cure ailments, and produce a range of results – from love to focus.


If someone you know needs a little healing this New Year’s, crystals are conduits for just that. Attracting positive energy into the room and body, replacing the negative energy that keeps many of us down for the count. Though medical doctors may tell you there’s no merit here, numerous buyers – from Hollywood A-listers to Instagram influencers, to our grandmothers, to friends – see the difference themselves.


Different crystal types attract different things into the body. Some are to protect against the unwanted energies that can surround us. Other crystals are independently meant to clear energetic blockages, to bring emotional balance, to attract romance, to ground a person, to encourage a spiritual connection, and to bring good luck and abundance. Buying crystals, it’s well worth looking into what gemstone best suits your needs and where you’re at in life.

Yin Yang Gua sha

If you end up picking up more than one crystal, you may want to check out a crystal healing guide. Crystal healing that involves more than one stone involves placing them in specific arrangements on the body, aligning chakra points – such as above the head, on the forehead, throat, chest, stomach, gut, and genital area. A healer who is experienced in native disease treatments and energy imbalances already knows which stones to employ and where to place them.


You don’t need to go full-on chakra alignments and multi-crystal treatments like this. Many individuals wear their crystals or carry them on their person, mainly as a means of shedding or absorbing the energy of some kind. Throughout the history of the world, they’ve been called talismans, amulets, and more. Whatever you call them, crystals and gemstones in décor or worn as jewelry will make for a wonderful start to what’s hopefully an extravagantly and amazing year ahead!

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