Are Essential Oils Safe

When you buy essential oils online, there are a lot of rules that come with using them.

Around topical use, internal use, aromatherapy, pregnancy, infants and children, and the potential for adverse reactions, here are a few things to keep in mind when using your favourite oils.

Buy Pure Essential Oils

Essential oils are highly concentrated organic matter. That’s all they should be. You don’t want contaminated or lesser-quality essential oils with who-knows-what-else in it. Ensure what you’re buying comes from a brand you trust and with pure organic oil in it.

Choose Aromatherapy When Possible

Aromatherapy via ultrasonic diffuser is arguably the best way to have your essential oils.

The benefits of aromatherapy are very well understood, relieving symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Inhalation of oils is also very effective when treating respiratory issues. When doing so, be sure to dilute your oils, ensure they are being used in a well-ventilated area, and diffuse intermittently throughout the day. The normal routine is 30-60 minutes on and off, allowing the oils to safely circulate.

Dilute Oils When Used Topically

Topical essential oils are a common way to relieve pain. Unfortunately, rashes and other side effects can occur.

Some essential oils are poisonous if absorbed through the skin and then, others are cause phototoxicity if they are applied immediately before sun exposure.

Always ensure you are using the right oils. Ensure that they’re diluted to a concentration below 5%.

Recommended oils for topical application include chamomile, cypress, eucalyptus, lavender, rose, and sandalwood.

Do Not Use Essential Oils Internally

The essential oils market is not regulated. For this reason, you shouldn’t be ingesting essential oils under any circumstances.

The only situation where using essential oils internally might be permitted is under the care and guidance of a healthcare professional. Avoid using it orally or around any mucus membranes.

Can I Use Essential Oils While Pregnant?

There are varying opinions on whether it is safe to use essential oils while pregnant.

Some oils should never be used while one is pregnant though some studies have shown essential oils to reduce anxiety and fear around childbirth, effective after the first three months of development.

Talk to your physician or midwife before beginning to use essential oils while pregnant.

The essential oils you should never use while pregnant include camphor, parsley seed, hyssop, pennyroyal, tarragon, wintergreen, and wormwood.

Is it Safe to Use Essential Oils Around Infants?

This is another area where there’s disagreement among experts. Infants and children have developing immune systems and livers, and thinner skin. This makes them vulnerable to oil toxicity.

Essential oils at such a young age should be given at a far, far weaker concentration than standard adult dosing. Speak with a healthcare professional if you care to use essential oils around infants or children.

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