Best Resistance Band Exercises For a Home Workout You Can Do Anywhere

For strength training on the legs, arms, abs, back, chest and shoulders, resistance bands allow anyone to perform a workout at home or from anywhere.

Resistance bands are portable, come in all sorts of lengths and levels, and are perfect for a workout at home, in a hotel, or when you’re without a gym membership. Perform all these exercises with the Theraband CLX bands  in 2-3 sets of 8-20 reps each.


Squats should be in everyone’s resistance bands workout. Stand on the band with feet slightly wider than shoulder width. Hold a handle (or the band’s end) in each hand. Bring the handle up over each shoulder. Then, do squats like you normally would. Resistance here adds weight you don’t need to carry.

Bicep Curls

Stand on the band with both feet on them. Grab a handle in each hand. Start with arms at your side and then do bicep curls. Pull your arms toward your shoulders by bending at the elbow until you get a good bicep contraction. Then, slowly bring your arms back down. Once again, you’re using resistance to add weight when there isn’t any.


Attach your band to an anchor. This can be the top of a door, a column, or a hook. Once anchored, take your best resistance band in each hand and kneel down. These are kneeling crunches. Extend your elbows out, engage your core, and crunch towards the hips while contracting your abs.

Bent-Over Row

Once again, stand in the center of the band. Bend slightly at the knees and lean over at the waist. Pull the bands up to your hips and squeeze your shoulder blades together. You’re performing a bent-over row without barbells now!


Exercises with resistance bands include push-ups. In a plank position, drape the resistance band across your upper back and loop the band around your hands. Then, facing the floor, do your push-ups. The added tension increases the difficulty of the push-up and adds the sensation of weight.

Glute Bridge

Lie down. Tie a band around your legs above your knees. Bend your knees to 90 degrees. Now, raise your hips until your shoulders, hips, and knees align. You’re working your glutes here and turning back the hands of time!

Lateral Raises

Take a band out from your Theraband CLX resisitance bands collection. This exercise is for your shoulders. Put forward a foot. Put your tube band underneath it. Grip each end with arms at your side. Lift your arms up to shoulder level and slowly lower back down. This is going to create some truly powerful shoulders.

This is just the beginning. You can easily get in a full-body workout with resistance bands. Dozens upon dozens of exercises exist that you can do with resistance bands. Combine it with some bodyweight exercises and yoga, and you can build a strong, healthy body all at home. No expensive fitness equipment. No gym membership. Find out more at

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