How to Contour Your Jaw Line with Gua Sha Tools

There are many alleged solutions for contouring your jawline and few – if any of them – deliver the same effects a gua sha.

This following routine can be followed each night for great effects. The traditional Eastern technique of gua sha will easily help relieve your facial tension.

Gua Sha Tools

Gua sha is performed by applying light pressure to the skin using a special gua sha tool.

The tools are roughly the size of a credit card and have several different surfaces to match any contours. There is a flat edge, curved edge, and a notch that are all used for different parts of the face.

Getting Started

These are some simple steps to follow to set up an effective gua sha routine for your jawline.

Follow this routine each night to achieve the best results and maintain consistency. For all of these steps, go through the strokes five times and remember to apply gentle yet firm pressure.

The Back of the Neck

Start with the flat edge of the tool pushed against the base of the back of the neck.

Bring it upwards along the center of the neck, up to your hairline. Repeat similar strokes on each side of the spine, moving from the top of the shoulder up to your hairline.

The Sides of the Neck

The flat side is used again for the sides of the neck.

Place the flat side of the tool on top of your shoulder and bring it gently up the neck to the bottom of your ear. Perform the same strokes on the side of your neck.

The Throat

Using the curved part of your gua sha tool, begin at the center of your collar bone.

Move slowly up the midline of your throat. Go just up to the point of your chin, but not over the chin. Repeat this stroke on either side of the throat, not moving past the jawline.

The Jawline

Carefully position the notch of your gua sha tool at the center of the chin.

Slowly slide the tool along the jawline toward the ear. Return the tool to the center of the chin, and repeat the stroke for the other side of the jawline.

The Cheeks

With the flat side of the gua sha tool, start at the corner of the mouth.

Move the tool from the corner of the mouth, move along underneath the cheekbone towards the ear. Repeat this motion on the other side of the face as well.

This simple routine, if followed each day, can help sharpen the contour of your jawline. This sharpness helps your neck appear both thinner and longer. Gua sha tools also improve the general appearance of your skin, improving smoothness and lift. Find high-quality gua sha tools today at, and browse other upcoming Black Friday Deals.

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