What Are the Best Essential Oils You Can Buy in Canada

We use essential oils for stress. We use them for fatigue. We use essential oils to treat anxiety, depression, insomnia, energy, and concentration. They’re a great all-natural aid if you know exactly how to use them and what oils to buy.

At a time when so many of us are facing an uncertain future around the threat of shutdowns, coronavirus, work, money, and more, a little relief is a nice escape. Essential oils are safe and effective when used with an ultrasonic diffuser.

Essential oils have been used for 1,000s of years but have recently been pushed by several celebrities and athletes as a way to engage the mind and body, away from dangerous pharmaceuticals.

But what are the best essential oils in Canada – for pure organic essential oils, one has to know their use.

Essential Oils for Sore Muscles

Sore muscles from a home workout or gym class are uncomfortable and discouraging to future workouts.

Try vetiver, peppermint, helichrysum, or pine – all pure essential oils in Canada that work to successfully resolve sore, tired muscles.

Essential Oils for Focus

Rosemary Cineole Type Organic Essential Oil 15ml, DIVINE ESSENCE

Mental focus and the ability to concentrate at home is something a lot of Canadians have struggled with in the pandemic.

Two excellent essential oils for focus are peppermint and rosemary. Use them to maximize productivity and keep your energy up.

Essential Oils for Anxiety

Choose vetiver, neroli, clary sage, or geranium if you’re looking for an essential oil for anxiety.

Anxiety is a tired, frustrating beast to battle. Don’t give in. Try an essential oil first. These herbal healing treatments have helped endless amounts of people in the many years since they were discovered.

Essential Oils to Help with Mood

Ylang Ylang – Totum Organic Essential Oil 15ml, DIVINE ESSENCE

If you find your moods haven’t been so welcoming as of late, try an oil a la a bergamot, ylang ylang, jasmine, lime, or lemon.

Though perhaps less serious than other conditions on this list, all of us could use an occasional helping hand when it comes to mood now and again. Essential oils are a safe way to do so, separate from other stimulants.

Essential Oils for Sleep

If you are struggling with sleep or have been formally diagnosed with insomnia, a natural treatment is with essential oils like lavender, chamomile, and rose.

This type of sleep treatment has been used successfully time and time again to cure serious sleeplessness. All you have to do is put a few drops into your diffuser. As you breathe in your essential oil, you will feel calmer, more grounded, and sink into sleep in no time.

Essential Oils for Energy

At the other end of the spectrum, if you want an essential oil to give you energy, you can try eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary, cypress, or cardamom.

Essential oils can be used for so many different things. For pure essential oils in Canada, visit Lierre.ca, and check the upcoming Black Friday Deals.

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