What Kind of Hand Sanitizer Do I Choose

Hand sanitizer has been key in the coronavirus pandemic, to prevent the spread of the highly contagious virus.

In addition to washing hands with soap and water whenever possible, at times when it isn’t, sanitizers are the next best thing and just as effective at eliminating germs, chemicals, and coronavirus.

Unfortunately, you may be using a hand sanitizer that’s not effective against COVID-19. Throughout the past few decades, at a time when a lot of trends have steered towards more natural, kinder products on the skin, sanitizers have seen less and less alcohol being used in them.

What kills COVID-19 in sanitizers – you guessed it. It’s the alcohol content.

What is the Best Hand Sanitizer for Coronavirus?

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Your hand sanitizer should contain at least 60% alcohol. If it does, congrats! You have a sanitizer that kills coronavirus.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are what you want to look for. They quickly eliminate viruses, microbes, and germs. That said, they do not eliminate all types of germs. This is why some recommendations have prioritized soap and water over sanitizers and disinfectants.

As effective as soap and water are, hanging over a sink all day isn’t possible.

It doesn’t hurt to carry with you a hand sanitizer. Ensure you are following the instructions when using a sanitizer. Oftentimes, one will not use enough sanitizer or not give it enough exposure before wiping it away with a paper towel.

Sanitizer shouldn’t be wiped away. They should be put on the hands and left to dry. This is how to use them.

Tips on How to Use Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers

  • The correct way to use hand sanitizer is to apply it on the palm of one hand. Rub the product over the surface of your hands until it is fully dry. Do not wipe away. A sanitizer’s effectiveness relies on it drying.
  • Hand sanitizers do not eliminate pesticides and heavy metals. Do not think they will.
  • Hand sanitizers work less effective when the hands are dirty or greasy. If your hands are greasy or soiled, do not expect sanitizers to work effectively. In these cases, soap and water are best.
  • Always purchase a hand sanitizer with an alcohol concentration of 60-80%. A sanitizer higher in alcohol concentration or alternatively, a sanitizer with a lower alcohol concentration will not be effective at killing COVID-19.

    Hand sanitizers are a tool. What hand sanitizer you choose does not matter by brand. What matters is the alcohol concentration.

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