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Cork isn’t just the sort of thing you’ll find as a wine bottle stopper. Cork yoga mats are quite popular, considered the most eco-friendly yoga mat on the market today. Why use cork in practising yoga comes down to many reasons.

Cork is Trendy

Cork is a very Insta-friendly yoga mat material. Cork is sort of branded as the alternative in an industry that’s surprisingly dominated by a lot of synthetics and chemicals. Stay away from unnecessary exposure to chemicals like that. Live a trendy, green life and do it with environmentally-sustainable cork.

Cork Is Non-Toxic

Modern yoga mats are made from harmful chemical processing and materials like PVC. It’s unnecessary and toxic. Cork, comparatively, doesn’t go through any sort of processing like that. It’s consistently a non-toxic yoga mat option.

Cork Is Biodegradable

Cork comes from the cork oak tree – the only tree in the world that can regenerate bark after every harvest. Cork is taken from this bark. You don’t even have to cut down the tree to manufacture cork. On top of that, taking cork from a tree stimulates carbon dioxide absorption, increasing its rate of absorption by up to 5 times.

Cork yoga mat biodegradable

Cork is Antimicrobial

Cork dries very quickly, is antimicrobial, and also anti-bacterial. Now compare that to your average PVC-made yoga mat. Those types of mats carry with them lots of bacteria, germs, and odors. This is what makes an antimicrobial yoga mat so important. Natural properties in cork effectively kill germs and bacteria and act as an odor-preventative as well.

Cork is Water-Resistant

Cork doesn’t absorb water. When the material gets wet, it responds with ‘suberin’ which is a substance that provides an anti-slip quality. This means you can get your sweat on and not be worried about slipping. Find your best plank position and hold it endlessly… or as long as you  desire.

Cork Actually Makes A Great Yoga Mat

All environment talk aside, you still want a yoga mat that works.

As sustainably made as a yoga mat may be, if it doesn’t grip well and just plain doesn’t work, you won’t use it.

A cork yoga mat offers a premiere performance on par with the best yoga mats in Canada.

Cork is a durable material and with a lot of traction. Use it again and again. Without fail, cork will always support your position. A high-performance mat that won’t quit.

A source of high-quality eco-friendly fitness accessories, visit to pick out your own antimicrobial cork yoga mat. In a sea of yoga mat options, cork stands tall as the best on performance, environment, and cleanliness. Make your yoga routines so much easier. No cleanup. No chemicals. No synthetics. It’s all-natural cork just like you want it. Get yours from, and don't forget to check the upcoming Mother's Day Deals

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