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You may have noticed visiting your local grocery stores. Products like hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes are sold out. Even though we’re being recommended to buy and use disinfectants and cleaners, they’re nowhere to be found on the shelves.

The easiest shopping trip you will ever make in your search for surface disinfectants is visiting Lierre.ca. Throughout their catalogue of disinfectants and cleaners, any home or healthcare facility can find everything they would need to keep their properties tidy and protected.

If you’re running low on your inventory of cleaning essentials, we want to help. Ordering from Lierre.ca is as easy as a click. Prepare yourself for the foreseeable future with all the COVID-19 quarantine essentials required.

Hand Sanitizer

alcohol based hand sanitizer

Browsing Lierre.ca’s medical disinfectants section, you will find many alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Any sanitizer you buy to combat COVID-19 should have an alcohol concentration minimum 60%. The hand sanitizers sold through Lierre.ca exceed this base with an alcohol concentration of 70%.

Cleaning Wipes

Disinfecting wipes are in high-demand and sold out almost everywhere. Fortunately, Lierre.ca’s fully stocked. Cleaning wipes use disinfectant to kill coronavirus. They allow you to clean easily contaminated touch-points such as door handles, light switches, fridge handles, countertops, faucets, sinks, and elsewhere.

GermiCide3 healthcare grade disinfectant cleaner surface wipes is a medical-grade disinfecting wipe. It is used to clean medical equipment and are used in healthcare settings predominantly but they work very well in household settings as well. If you’re unsure what disinfecting wipe is optimal, and there isn’t any Clorox or Lysol available, try this.

Disinfecting Sprays

Wipes can be more expensive than sprays and they don’t necessarily suit every situation. A disinfecting spray clears away harmful bacteria and guards against the spread of COVID-19. Please note, any time you use a disinfectant, it is often required to leave it dry rather than to immediately wipe it away. GermiCide3 Multi-Surface Disinfectant, Opti-Cide3 Healthcare Grade Disinfectant Cleaner Surface Sprayer 710ml, and GermXtra Surface Disinfectant 4L are all effectively and widely  used in Covid-19 pandemic.  Follow the instructions on the product label. If a disinfectant requires time, give it some.

What Other Household Essentials Do You Need for COVID-19?

Other than these three key COVID-19 cleaning essentials, the last thing to pick up is soap. Dish soap or a bar of hand soap works. Washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water is your best way to guard against coronavirus.

Fortunately, soap is still on the shelf. It’s easy to find. Disinfecting wipes and surface disinfectants not so much. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the best defence is to maintain social distancing as well as washing your hands with soap and water. Going the extra mile, buying disinfectants is another strong recommendation made by organizations such as Public Health Canada and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Buy yours today from Lierre.ca.

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