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Disinfectant use has been a preferred way to combat the spread of COVID-19. That said, complications have arisen as most grocery store and retail shelves that once had disinfectant cleaners are now empty. This has meant more Canadians paying high prices on disinfectant or trying to make it from home.

How to make a disinfectant against coronavirus varies. There are ways to make sprays, wipes, and/or various bleach-based solutions but they don’t necessarily all work against coronavirus. What’s clear is that when disinfectants work, they work extremely well. Lysol wipes work. Clorox wipes work. GermiCide3 disinfectant surface wipes refill pack are potentially the best disinfectant in Canada right now. All these are options.

Why disinfectants are so important is because COVID-19 can remain on surfaces for days. Disinfectants are the best way to kill COVID-19 on surfaces, hands down. They also have to be used properly though. If you have a disinfectant cleaner, there’s a ‘dry time’ which means it shouldn’t be wiped away. Wipe down the surface with a wipe or spray and then let it dry. Don’t use paper towel to remove the disinfectant. It has to stay on the surface to work.

How to make your own household sanitizer solution starts with chlorine bleach and water. They can be combined in a spray bottle. Bleach-to-water ratios vary according to who is advising you. The CDC recommends 1/3 cup of bleach per gallon of water. Clorox actually recommends a stronger solution, with a 1/2 cup of bleach per gallon. Some recommend a medical-grade stronger ratio of 1.5 cups of bleach per gallon.

Regardless of what you use, whether it’s a medical-grade disinfectant homemade or a disinfectant purchased from a store like Lierre.ca, the average ‘dry time’ is 10 minutes. Your disinfectant should remain on a surface for 10 minutes. No excuses.

If you do make a COVID-19 disinfectant from home, it’s worth noting that bleach degrades very quickly once it’s removed from its container. If you aren’t expecting to use it within the 48 hours to follow, you may want to prepare a smaller batch. Also, store your container away from light. This will help prolong the bleach’s effectiveness.

If making disinfectant at home sounds like too much, we get that. Lierre.ca has several disinfectants and cleaners available that can be purchased online and delivered to your front door.

The Opti-Cide3 Surface Wipes are a great product and come highly recommended. They are medical-grade disinfectant wipes. There are, of course, many other sprays and wipes and disinfectants and cleaners that can be purchased and stocked in your cleaning supplies cabinet. This is easy to arrange and have dropped off at your residence. It also makes setting up disinfectant wipes refill very easy. From Lierre.ca to you, visit us today.

Please be advised that readers must take responsibility of all risks that making and using home made disinfectant

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