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Disinfectant wipes combat COVID-19 in a way no other cleaning product does. They can be routinely used to kill the virus on things like doorknobs, appliance handles, and remote controls. They’re also great for wiping down countertops, tables, and other surfaces.

For Canadians looking for disinfectant wipes, check out Lierre.ca. Due to Covid-19 has been over months, not only disinfectant wipes, solutions are almost out of stock in the market,  even related products with them like containers, bottles are almost no in stock for manufacturers. As alternatives, you can choose Germicide3 disinfectant surface wipes refill pack, which is  economical and ecological alternative can be used in your empty wipe containers. We strongly recommend you keep empty container of other brands wipes like Caviwipes, Lyso disinfectant wipes or 3M surface wipes--all of their empty container are reusable for the refill pack.  

If you’re new to disinfectants, we thought we’d put together a quick list of dos and don’ts. Disinfectants aren’t as straightforward to use as everyday cleaners or washing with soap-and-water.

DO use disinfectant wipes with someone who’s sick

If you’re caring for someone sick with COVID-19 or who has a compromised immune system, disinfectant wipes are the best way to protect them from the virus. Use them liberally to clean, disinfect, and kill coronavirus dead in its tracks.

DO check to make sure the disinfectant is safe to use

Disinfectants aren’t considered gentle cleaners. This isn’t just a little soap and water. On certain surfaces, disinfectants can fade the color, damage the finishing or top coating, and damage. Verify that the disinfectant you want to use is ok to be used on the surfaces you’re tackling.

DON’T use your wipes for more than three feet of surface

Most disinfectant wipes, including Germicide Disinfectant Cleaner, can only adequately act across a specific distance before they lose moisture and effectiveness. On average, this is approximately three feet of surface. So if you’re cleaning a countertop larger than three square feet, you will probably need to use a second wipe to get the job done.

DON’T wipe away the disinfectant after

When we clean with soap and water, or vinegar and water, we do a spray and wash and then often use a paper towel to fully dry the surface. When we use a paper towel, we wipe away disinfectant if we go down this route. You want to leave your disinfectant on the surface permanently, unless it’s an area where food’s going to be prepared or eaten.

DO let the disinfectant dry

Every disinfectant has a ‘dry time’. This is the amount of time a surface must remain wet for to disinfect. When we disregard the dry time, a disinfectant isn’t necessarily going to work. Even the best disinfectant wipes still require enough dry time to do the work.

DON’T wipe several areas with the same wipe

A new wipe for each new area. Using a single wipe across multiple surfaces will, unfortunately, spread organisms. You will likely be doing more spreading than removing and killing the coronavirus.

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