Why Hand Sanitizer Might Be Better at Preventing Virus Transmission than Soap and Water
In the past few years, new studies have been released supporting the premise that sanitizer’s better than soap and water at preventing the flu influenza.

There’s significant evidence showing people who use hand sanitizer frequently have fewer respiratory infections, take fewer sick days from work, and don’t require as much antibiotic use. This is particularly true among children under the age of five.

Soap-and-water hand-washing, to be fair, is a very intensive process. It requires effort that hand sanitizer doesn’t. When you have a sanitizer, like Divine Essence Hand Sanitizer spray, you spray some in your palm and rub it in. It dries and you’re done. With soap and water, one needs to be there over the sink for 30 seconds or more scrubbing their hands vigorously. Children don’t do well with that. Let’s be honest, neither do adults.

Hand sanitizer is easy to apply though. It’s there when we walk in or out of a room. For children especially, they can use it in a matter of seconds before and after they eat, and/or when they come in from playing outside, after they sneeze or cough.

From an adult perspective, especially with older adults, respiratory illness is a major risk with flu viruses. Soap and water is a great way to kill viruses and get rid of bacteria. Even so, those who use hand sanitizer regularly tend to experience less infections and less sick days due to flu-associated conditions.

There are a lot of theories why antibacterial products like hand sanitizers are better than a combination of soap and water. The most subscribed theory is that few people take time to properly wash their hands. They don’t get the full benefit of their hand washing and are still somewhat exposed to the risks of flu as well as other viruses.
Sanitizers like IC-GEL, Antiseptic Skin Gel give the full benefit of disinfecting and cleaning the hands. Purell hand sanitizer and Divine Essence hand sanitizer- Ravintsara are as popular as they are in workplaces because it’s simple and effective. For individuals who prefer soap and water, it still doesn’t hurt to get some hand sanitizer and keep it on your person when you don’t have access.
Made in Quebec, Canada, Divine Essence hand sanitizer- Ravintsara sprayer contains 70% alcohol and 15 of essential oils kills harmful bacterias/germs meanwhile protects skin over dry from alcohol. Packed in 60ml, it is portable to bring to schools, offices, or any outdoor occasion. As long as you have some with you and you use it when you’re out, you’re giving yourself the best protection possible.
In the current era of COVID-19 shutdowns and gearing up for a post-COVID-19 world, hand sanitizer’s going to be even more important. Hand Sanitizer helps to fight coronavirus, just like soap and water does.

The most effective sanitizer are those that contain a minimum of 60% ethyl alcohol. The use of hand washing with soap and water combined with sanitizer use is your best attack against transmission of flus and viruses like COVID-19. Protect yourself. Get antibacterial and hand sanitizers today from Canada’s Lierre.ca.
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