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We can all agree that the best part of winter is the holidays. However, as soon as the celebration of New Year ends, the “real” winter is actually starting. With the shorter day and the lack of sunlight, you might start to notice that your mood is changing and not to mention the daily stress either at work or from parenting. We believe that there is a relationship between our physical and our emotional selves. If your body can feel better, then your emotional state will naturally be more stable and calmer as it has one less thing to worry about. In order to help you feel the best that you can during this dry and cold season, we picked our winter must-have products for you to help combat this harsh winter. For this weekly special, our Winter Self-care Guide consists of several items that will help you to soothe swelling feet, relieve colds and cough, keep your skin moisturized and to eat better -and not to mention that nothing is over $17.51! Here are our must-have items for this Winter:

 Item #1: Beauty Oil: Arnica

  • Soothing and calms joint and muscular paints
  • Relieves degenerative osteoarthritis
  • Easily penetrates the skin
  • Reduces bruises significantly
Item #2: Beauty Oil: Rosehip
  • Nourishes deeply dry and damaged skin or rosacea-prone skin
  • Reduces stretch marks and scars
  • Diminishes appearance of freckles and light sunburns
  • Treats acne
  • Prevents signs of aging and accelerates healing
Item #3: Remedy N. 5 Cold and cough
  • Relieves colds and cough
  • Soothes and opens your airways
Item #4Lavender Massage Candle
  • Has an incredible relaxing scent
  • Melts into a gel, perfect for massage
  • Creates a soothing atmosphere

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    Item #5Ginseng Foot Patch
    • Supports healthy circulation and overall joint health
    • Helps with relaxing and improving sleeping quality
    • Relieves muscle fatigue and discomfort
    • Reduce puffiness and swelling
    Item #7Masso Foot Cream
    • Deeply moisturizes feet
    • Releases tension in the feet
    • Refreshes tired feet
    Item #8Masso Face Cream
    • Relaxes tense facial muscles
    • Prevents wrinkles
    • Nourishes and rejuvenates skin
    With this Winter Self-care Guide, we can say our farewell to wrinkles and dry skin. To take further care of your skin and body, we recommend to check out our website for more products:
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