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We all wish we could have a young skin forever: It is now almost possible with The Secret Strips! Secret Strips are created with water based microcrystal and gel. We offer Anti Nasolabial Fold StripsAnti -Wrinkle Forehead Strip, and Anti Frown Line Strips. Theses anti-wrinkle strips smooth out lines and increase the elasticity of the skin. The hyaluronic acid gel you apply before and after the strips give the perfect moisturize your skin need in order to penetrate the first layers of the skin.

How Secret Strips work on the skin?

When you apply the strips on your skin, the anti-wrinkle strips increase the elasticity of your skin in order to smooth it out and tighten it. The strips are made of 3D matrix microcrystal fibers.The honeycomb form of the microcrystal will naturally heat up your skin and expand it out in different directions.

It is important to mention that the application of Secret Strips will probably limit the movements of your facial expression while you wear them. It is done in order to prevent and control future wrinkles. This product also promotes an anti-gravity reverse lifting that will firm and tighten your pore while removing saggy skin. 

Secret Strips from are really performing: You could temperate the product for up to 5000 hours and it would not even start to dry. The crystallites contained in the patches delay the release rate of the good and active ingredient so it can be absorbed slowly in the skin. This technology will leave the skin moisturize and full of nutriments. 

Why Should I Buy Secret Strips? 

The client is supposed to feel practically nothing when using a secret strip, so the secret strips gets rid of the constrains and can be used almost anywhere. This characteristic makes product experience even more comfortable.The design is based on the general human facial structure, the winkle forms, and the movement of the muscles. Combined with the properties of the secret strips,  the aging effect caused by muscle and skin expressions and/or movements is decreased significantly. The three different model of strips are made to fit with the form and part of the face it will tighten. 

We are totally crazy about our new Anti-Wrinkle Secret Strips and we hope they have the same effect on you. Our shipping is free on order above $69. To shop our strips, visit our website

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