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Crystal elixirs have been used in the past couple years, featured on Instagram, social media, and talked up by celebrities from all backgrounds. Crystal elixirs are made using crystal water bottles. Through a crystal water bottle, a stone like rose quartz or amethyst is placed inside. Then, as you fill your bottle with water, it soaks around the stone and transfers its energy from the stone to the person drinking.

Crystal-infused beauty products are a growing trend but it’s the crystal elixir water bottles that have garnered the most attention. If you’re looking for the clearest way to deliver a stone’s energy, this might be it. Now, when it comes to soaking stones, you want to ensure you’re not using anything that’s going to crumble or dissolve, or that’s unsafe for human consumption. For this reason, rose quartz, amethyst, and black obsidian are among the favorite stones used.


So what are the benefits of crystal elixirs – depends on the stone. Amethyst, for example, is associated with calmness, meditation, and serenity. Another option is rose quartz which is associated with love, romance, and compassion. Black Obsidian inspires awareness and protection. No matter the stone you choose, your crystal elixir water bottle is all about achieving balance. Sometimes, that might mean minimizing negative thoughts or creating a more romantic day. Stabilizing one’s emotions can vary from person to person in exactly how to do that. When it comes to the benefits you receive, don’t expect it to happen all at once. Canadians who’ve jumped on board with crystal elixirs drink then at least once per day. It may take a few days for you to notice a difference and said difference might appear small at first. There are few scientific studies looking at crystal elixirs and for this reason, many scientists are skeptical and oftentimes relate any benefit to a placebo effect. There’s a reason why crystal elixir water bottles are showing up all over Instagram and are being used by Canadians all over the country. If you believe in them, crystal elixirs work to provide the benefits you need to live your best life. Choose your stone, drink regularly, and see for yourself the difference it makes. Crystal energy has been used for thousands of years for healing, just like in crystal elixir water bottles. If you want to stay on top of Instagram culture, fashion, beauty, and wellness, buy your own crystal elixir water bottle from Choose the stone you want and give it a try! And, if it makes you feel better, that means it has worth. For many Canadians, they’re finding out purchasing crystal elixirs are more than worth it.   Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

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