Here’s the Deal with all Those Crystal Water Bottles that are All Over Instagram
No, that’s not some futuristic crystal in a jar art piece you’re seeing there on Instagram. Crystal water bottles are one of Instagram’s newest trends, involving water soaking around a healing crystal.   For those that know about healing crystals, there are different crystals for different moods, emotions, or occasions. If you’re well-versed in healing crystals or if you have one already in your home, crystal water bottles are a step up. Instagrammers are using crystal water bottles to soak and transfer the power of the crystal directly into the body. For spiritualists, anyone suffering from anxiety or depression, or those seeking an extra energy kick, this might be a way to do it.   Although water soaking a rock is not very entertaining to watch, for crystal enthusiasts, they’ll swear by this product saying that it’s made a difference to their lives. As traditions go, crystals can be used to influence everything from health to love to financial success. The more one interacts with certain crystals, the more energy they receive from it. A crystal water bottle evidently provides more access to a crystal’s energy, compared to just having it around the house. Assuming you choose a crystal promoting focus, drink it before you go to work and theoretically speaking, someone who has drank from a crystal water bottle will enjoy renewed focus and concentration.lierre-ca-get-to-know-the-benefits-of-crystal-elixirs-in-canada   If you’re interested in buying crystal water bottles in Canada, there’s a few things to remember. Scientific evidence is minimal as crystals have not been extensively studied in clinical settings. Thereby, it’s not recommended to replace your normal treatment regimen or medications with crystals. Secondly, if you do buy a crystal water bottle, you’ll want to ensure the stones you’re putting in are safe for the water. Crystals that fall apart like selenite, or which contain corrosive materials like pyrite crystal or wulfenite crystal, or that are prone to erosion or which could carry poisons should all be avoided.

For beginners, we recommend going with quartz or amethyst – both of which are safe and effective. If you’re looking to keep up with the Instagram wellness crowd, quartz or amethyst are a great entry point into crystal water bottles. Take crystal healing to the next level this year and join your favourite Instagram influencers with your very own crystal water bottle. See the differences yourself in your mental health, after drinking a full glass from your bottle.   Buy crystal water bottles in Canada from Join us and others all over the world who are already on top of this trend. Choose from rose quartz, clear quart, amethyst, or black obsidian. Browse today!
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