What is a Crystal Elixir – These Water Bottles may Bring you Good Vibes, but Be Careful!

What is a Crystal Elixir – These Water Bottles may Bring you Good Vibes, but Be Careful!

Among the most beautiful wellness drinks available, the prettiest drink you’ll find this year is probably what’s being called a ‘crystal elixir’. Browsing Instagram, you’ll find hundreds of influencers already digging in. Imagine having a water bottle with crystals inside to turn your everyday water into something healing, energy-infused, and positively charged.

If we’re going to talk about what a crystal elixir is, we should start with explaining a little bit about the meaning of crystals and how they’ve been used over thousands of years. Every crystal is unique, offering something different in terms of healing. Crystals have long been believed to hold certain healing properties, ranging from rose quartz which is used to attract love or amethyst which is meant to provide mental clarity. In recent time, people would collect crystals and put them around the home or keep them in their pockets. Some people even wear them as jewelry.   In an effort to get closer to the power of these crystals, water bottles were developed wherein water is soaked in the healing powers of a given stone. Depending on the stone selected, you may begin to notice a difference in health and well-being. Now, to find cheap crystal water bottles in Canada can be difficult as some of them are priced as high as $300 or more. For those that are able to afford one, they’re usually quite pretty, dishwasher-safe, and people have reported feeling very uplifted after sipping on a full bottle.


Crystal elixirs are thought of as providing a more direct connection between the energy of the stone and the body. Holistic wellness practitioners love them as they’re travel-friendly, can be brought to the gym or at work, and the benefits are the same wherever you need to go.   Now, despite all these many benefits and advantages to crystal elixirs, not all crystals are safe to be dropped into water. Before anyone goes dropping crystals into water, do your research first. Safe for human consumption is a must. If you’re creating some DIY elixirs, we recommend experimenting with crystals like rose quartz and amethyst. These are non-toxic, will not dissolve in water, and are resistant to scratching. Comparatively, stones like selenite and Himalayan salt are dangerous. So be sure to take the time to ensure what you’re putting into your crystal elixir isn’t going to pose a threat to your health or wellness. If you don’t feel the need to create your own crystal elixir from scratch, you can buy premium crystal elixir bottles in Canada from Lierre.ca. Choose from rose quartz, clear quartz, amethyst, and black obsidian. Browse today!
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