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Crystal elixirs are all the rage on Instagram. Used by celebrities and influencers, crystal-infused water purporting to give you everything from energy to mental clarity are featured everywhere on social media. But, what actually happens when you come to drink from a crystal water bottle – that’s what we want to explore here.   Although crystals have been used for thousands of years for healing in Chinese, Middle Eastern, and some European cultures, it’s only really begun to take root in North America from the 1970s. Astrology, witchcraft, and crystals have all been wrapped up together over time. In actuality though, crystals are a little different.   Some people have had absolutely amazing experiences using crystal elixir water bottles. Even people who are not big into crystals still report feeling differences before and after. Although science claims there’s little to no benefit, seeing people use them admittedly has us curious. People have sworn by them in finding love, focus, and unblocking energies.   It’s important not to have unrealistic expectations when it comes to crystal elixirs. Is drinking from a crystal elixir water bottle going to fix every problem you’ve ever had and result in everything falling into place in your life – probably not.   

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After you’ve purchased your crystal elixir water bottle, give it a day. How they work is simple. Already with a crystal inside, all you need to do is fill your water bottle and drink like normal throughout your day. Closer exposure to the crystal and letting your water soak is reportedly alleged to increase the positive properties of said crystal. Some have done some experimenting with different stones. If you do pursue this route, be careful you’re not mixing in toxic elements, anything that could dissolve, or any stones that are unsafe for human consumption. When you buy a crystal water bottle, you already know it’s a safe crystal and everything’s good to go.   So how will you feel after a few days of drinking from your crystal elixir water bottle – well, it depends on the stone. Let’s assume you go with rose quartz which is meant to attract romantic love. Rose quartz is also closely attached with peace, compassion, tenderness, healing, and nourishment. To put it simply, you need to believe in the power of it working.   If you’re doubting and don’t have faith in the healing powers of crystal, there’s no reason for you to buy a crystal elixir water bottle. If you’re open to receiving energies, you will. You’ve got have faith, like others have drinking from a crystal elixir water bottle. If you want to purchase a crystal elixir water bottle, shop your favourite stone at

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