5 Reasons to Use Incense

Incense has long been used in cultures around the world. For religious and cultural ceremonies. For aesthetic and practical reasons as well. Specific incense has been used in traditional medicine, aiding with issues such as sleep and sexual desire. If you aren’t sure you have a reason to buy incense, here are five different ways to look at it. These are a few of the more popular reasons people use incense in their homes.

Incense Will Help You Relax

The scent of incense is relaxing after a long day. When you are trying to come down and find calmness, an incense stick can be a part of the ritual to help you get there. A soft incense fragrance allows you to relax with ease, freely burning until it’s all the way gone.

You can try a frankincense, sandalwood, or cedarwood incense for the sort of anti-stress calm effect you’ll love. Sandalwood Natural Incense from Shoyeido is a good choice for you. With it's creamy scent, you will get rid of the fatigue, focus on the moment, and enjoy the fragrance.  

Incense Reduces Stress

Certain aromas in incense are natural anxiety killers and are known to reduce stress. Relief from anxiety is more difficult for some than it is to others. When you struggle to limit your worries and slow down racing thoughts, the scent of incense will fill the room and help regulate calm breathing, a relaxed heart rate, and easy thinking.

 A high-quality sandalwood, lavender, or rosemary incense are all ideal starting points for stress relief.

Incense Helps Meditation

No matter your religion or spirituality, meditation has found a place in many people’s days and incense can help. Incense has long had a reputation for increasing attention, heightening the senses, and slowing down the mind to allow one to easily sink into a meditative space.

If you enjoy meditation, some recommended incense sticks to try include sandalwood.

Incense Can Aid Sleep

While some incense can be used to promote concentration and stimulate creativity, other incense is perfect accompaniment for someone trying to fall asleep. Incense fills the room with easy scents overcoming the usual irritants that may be preventing sleep. Have an incense burning somewhere safe while you fall asleep. It’s far safer than using a candle in the late night hours.

If you struggle with insomnia or have difficulty falling asleep, try some lavender, vetiver, or chamomile as an incense sleep aid.

Incense Used As A Medicinal

The fragrance of incense can also be used medicinally in a variety of ways. Incense sticks are associated with raising serotonin in the brain, improving mood and combating symptoms of depression without any of the risks of pharmaceuticals. An increase in serotonin can lead to better regulated eating and digestion. Some people find incense helps to reduce headaches and discomfort as well.


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