How To Use Self-Massage Therapy Balls Effectively

Sore muscles are not fun to walk around with. Accompanying that soreness is pain, tension, and limitations in flexibility. The only way to work out the tension is to do so manually. Self-massage therapy balls are what we are talking about and they are a must to work into your workouts, exercise routines, and workouts at home

Why You Need To Relax Your Muscles After Workouts

After you work hard at the gym or doing workouts at home, your body’s exhausted. You’ve created small muscle tears that need to heal. Lactic acid has built up. Inflammation is present. The body needs the time to heal.

Self-massage therapy balls is another step you can take to speed up healing. Just like rest and sleep, therapy balls help the body restore and rejuvenate. If you do this after a workout or sometime before going to sleep after a day’s work, you stand a better chance at being rehabilitated and ready come the next day when you need to put in another athletic performance.

Why You Should Choose Self-Message Therapy Balls

Self-massage therapy balls are small, portable, and convenient, making them easy to take with you anywhere. You never know when you may benefit from a self-massage. Few of us have a massage therapist available 24/7. You do though when you buy therapy balls. You can get in a quick five-minute therapy stretch and massage whenever you want.

The beauty about working these exercise therapy balls into your daily routine is that you can complete the therapy from work, at-home, in the gym after a workout, or in the gym as a warm-up. Even the busiest of us can still find five minutes somewhere in their day to stretch and self-massage. There is no excuse.

They also allow you to get into hard-to-reach spots in the body that you can’t otherwise reach. Self-massage exercise balls allow you to roll over these spots or dig into them as you need. Applying more or less body weight into these areas allow you to customize your self-massage according to how you feel and what you can tolerate.

How To Use More Effectively

  • Bring your self-massage therapy balls to work with you and use when you feel any neck soreness, back pain, or similar aches and pains.
  • Bring your therapy balls to the gym and use them immediately after a workout. Get the healing started as soon as you’re off the weights, done your routine, and winding down.
  • Use them at home after your workout at-home. Even late at night while watching TV is a great opportunity to rehabilitate, rejuvenate, and heal the body while providing lasting pain relief.


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