Beginners Guide to Gua Sha Facial from Canada

What is Gua Sha?” If you’ve seen these tools at your local chiropractor’s office, trending on Instagram, or at your acupuncturist clinic, you’ve probably asked yourself this very question.

‘Gua Sha’ translates to ‘scraping’ in Chinese. As one can probably guess, the art of Gua Sha involves using tools to gently scrape the skin. This practice was an ancient East Asian healing therapy, in the same category as acupuncture at one time.

Gua Sha & Reflexology tools for lymphatic drainage from Canada

What Does Gua Sha Actually Do?

The act of applying gua sha tools on the face or body relieves tension in these areas. Anything clenched, furrowed, holding in pressure, or inflamed, immediately calms down. Using a Jade or stone Gua Sha tool, circulation increases and lymphatic system drainage is increased, which helps to ease muscles and help with symptoms of chronic pain or discomfort.

What are Gua Sha Tools Made From?

Throughout history, Gua Sha tools have been made from everything from bones to porcelain. Modern Gua Sha is usually manufactured from Jade, Rose Quartz, or stone. With the right shape, technique, and stroking application, stone gua sha can affect the body in some very positive ways. However, while getting a Gua Sha treatment you may see scrapes, scratches, or bruises. This reaction is completely normal on the body. Gua Sha can be applied on the feet, legs, back, shoulders, and the face.

How to use Gua Sha & Reflexology tools for lymphatic drainage facial from Canada


How Do I Choose a Gua Sha Tool?

There are dozens of different Gua Sha tools to choose from. The one you select comes down to personal preference. However, you do want a tool with at least two angles. A tool with two angles allows you to target different parts of your facial structure, such as the jawline and between the eyebrows. A curved edge or V-shaped corner are also recommended. Having a few tools to select gives you some options to work with.

How Does a Facial Gua Sha Work?

Facial Gua Sha is unlike the full body version, in the sense that it’s far gentler. Facial gua sha seeks to de-puff, lift, brighten, and glow up the skin, compared to full body application which usually aims to relieve tension. Please note, if you suffer from any inflammation in the face – such as cuts, rashes, rosacea, or sunburns – Gua Sha should not be used as it could increase the appearance of inflammation if your skin is already in a bad place.


How Do I Use a Gua Sha on My Face?

How to use gua sha is simple. First, hydrate your skin with some lubricant or moisturizer. Then, start at the base of the neck with the flat side down and move upwards. Start low and move up. Every move is going to be upward and outward. Adjust the angle of your tool according to where on the face you are working from. Always ensure you are gliding the Gua Sha away from the face to ensure you are performing the facial correctly and to stimulate lymphatic drainage.


Get your Gua Sha tools from today and give yourself the facial you deserve. Get radiant, hydrated looking skin without spending hundreds of dollars on spa facials. There is nothing more relaxing and beneficial to your skin than a Gua Sha facial.

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