Gua Sha Reflexology Tools from Canada

You may have seen Gua Sha being performed with a number of different tools, including some nontraditional objects which aren’t even made for Gua Sha. Things like spoons, container lids, or coins have been used in the past. Though these are cheap and usually readily available, they don’t feel the greatest on the patient and they aren’t the most comfortable in hand when in use. Searching for gua sha tools, there are three things to look for – material, shape, and size.

1. Common Gua Sha Materials

Gua Sha pulls from different materials. The cheapest is plastic with is generally a very low quality option. Then, there’s jade, stone, and stainless steel which are all recommended. Jade is often favored because it is very lightweight. Stone is preferred for its heaviness, while stainless steel is usually looked at as a premium, luxury-esque standard. Needless to say, jade and stone Gua Sha tools are adequate.

Rose Quartz stone Gua Sha & Reflexology Tools for lymphatic drainage- Canada

2. What Gua Sha Shape do I Need?

If you buy gua sha in Canada, you’re going to want to make sure you get the right shapes for the areas you want to treat. Ideally, you want at least one of your tools to have many edges. Gua Sha tools with multiple edges work well on smaller parts of the body. If working on larger areas such as the back or legs, you want pieces with one edge or less. There’s a lot of versatility in Gua Sha shapes.

Jade & Rose Quartz Gua Sha tools for reflexology - Canada

3. What Size of Gua Sha Tools Should I Choose?

As with a regular massage, hands and fingers can get very tight and sore holding gua sha massage tools. A longer tool is generally more comfortable to hold. Not every tool can provide length, but many can. There are some great Gua Sha tools out there with length that someone can use on areas like the back. That said, to really get into certain areas, smaller Gua Sha tools are preferred. Having a mix of short and long will provide you with what you require to massage every part of the body.

Gua Sha reflexology tools from Canada

Buy Gua Sha in Canada from a Leading Top Brand

Don’t buy your Gua Sha tools from a cheap, non-trusted website. You want quality tools that aren’t going to bend, break, or injure you. Jade, Rose Quartz stone, or stainless steel is recommended, as well as tools of an appropriate length and shape. is Canada’s top source for gua sha tools and accessories, with dozens of shapes to choose from. You won’t be disappointed with choosing to shop From a wide array of options, you can find what you need to treat areas like your back, shoulders, legs, and face. Get it all from
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